What Tea blogs do you read/own?

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Izzy said

I run my own tea blog, it’s mostly entry-level tea, teabags, herbal blends, things you can pick up at the supermarket, etc. If you’re looking for a simple, no-fuss cuppa, I’ve probably got something you’ll like.


Now I’ve managed to log back onto Steepster, I’ll continue summarising my reviews into shorter notes and posting them here. It’s just really nice to participate in more of a community setting as well as running a blog. Blogging can be pretty isolating at times, but I like that it’s more visual than Steepster. I’d love to upload images of my sips to this site alongside tasting notes.

I also follow a bunch of Instagram tea accounts too. Gotta support my fellow Brits. These are my favourites:

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Skysamurai said

Www.teatiff.com is mine :) I’ve technically been blogging for awhile but I’m changing up my focus with this blog ro try something new

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