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Leafhopper said

LuckyMe, thanks for recommending Verdant’s Dan Congs. I might have to try them when they go on sale during Black Friday. Let me know if Verdant has any other big sales I should be aware of.

I’ve had trouble finding porcelain teapots under 80 ml or so. Could you let me know where you got yours? I don’t love Dan Congs enough to justify purchasing a Chaozhou clay pot, especially with my history of breaking clay teaware!

LuckyMe said

Totally feel you on the breakage issue. I’m still mad at myself for shattering two pieces last week. For this reason alone, I avoid expensive teaware like Yixings. I just don’t trust my clumsy self with them.

My 65ml teapot is a ceramic kyusu that I bought from AliExpress for $10. A number of shops including Teaware House sell the exact same one:

It works well for most full leaf teas. Drips a little but otherwise it’s very functional.

The other mini-teapot I use is my 50ml shibo from The Jade Leaf:

I use this now for most of my high mountain oolongs. This like the kyusu is glazed which makes it usable for any kind of tea.

The nice thing about small sized teaware is they allow you to have a solo gongfu session or even multiple sessions during the day without getting over-caffeinated.

Big Heart Tea Co.
Liked their name. Probably okay stuff. Some samples. Lots of tea bags, though loose available too. Shipping within US and Canada.

Leafhopper said

Andresito, thanks for your recommendations. I haven’t looked at Hojo’s catalogue, but am wondering how the price of his high mountain oolongs compares to the competition. Have you ordered any Taiwanese teas from him?

I’m also wondering about Tea Masters. He has some very affordable teas, but his Li Shan and Da Yu Ling teas run around $1.5 or more per gram. I have to wonder if they’re worth the price, and if so, whether I can afford them.

I think Wang Family Tea, like Camellia Sinensis in Canada, always lists the most recent harvest first. If you’re in doubt, I’d suggest contacting them.

andresito said

Yea I’ve tried Hojo’s Taiwan oolongs, good stuff but TeaMasters Taiwan oolongs are better IMO. That said, only someone experienced in drinking Taiwan oolongs would be able to notice the difference. So Hojo’s stuff is still good.

TeaMasters – well Lishan and DYL are top of the line. you’re looking at the smallest size 25g of the highest altitude 104k to get $1.50/g of Da Yu Ling the most expensive top of the line tea lol. His 98k 75g pack is around $.97/g. But he offers free shipping. recalculate the $/g to include shipping and you’ll find his prices are more reasonable/comparable. You mentioned he offers lower grade teas, so you’re browsing the top of the line DYL, maybe try some less expensive teas first.

Honest question, how much do you think Da Yu Ling costs from 98k and 104k? Who else can you get authentic DYL from and what are their prices? TeaMasters goes himself to DYL and walks the fields, samples the teas on site, then only buys what he personally approves of in small amounts to offer online. Whether the price is worth it, or you can afford it, are subjective personal questions. But he’s offering a curated and trusted experience.

The only other vendor I trust to sell authentic DYL, who is a DYL farmer at 95k, charges about $.68/g with $32 shipping and costs total of $80 per order of 75g. With shipping its $1.06/g. TeaMasters seems more reasonable with his 98k at $.97/g including shipping, when you put it in context.

mrmopar said

Puerh Junky for you pu heads. Has some off the wall but under the radar stuff in the shop.
Czech shop with worldwide delivery, some very interesting descriptions. No experience with them yet.

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