Valerie said

I got tea in my secret santa gift today!

So I did a secret santa exchange at one of the other forums I frequent, and I guess she’d been reading my recent posts about getting into tea, because in my package I picked up from the PO today, I got the cutest strawberry tea infuser, a(nother!) Doctor Who mug, and a box of assorted Numi teabags! I’m so excited! :D

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Lynxiebrat said

woot! Cool. Hopefully I will be getting tea as a gift from someone. I already know I’ll be getting another infuser. And plus…to my surprise…my Dad is getting alittle bit more into tea! lol. Didn’t think that would happen beyond the occasional bagged EarlGrey or Constant Comment. (Nothing wrong with those, just want him to broaden his horizons.)

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Sare said


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forsythia said

I’m still mystified as to whom from the UK sent me a big box of Yorkshire tea at Thanksgiving. Return address just says, “Tara”, then two lines of address that make no sense to an American. lol. Sure wish I could say Thank You.

Valerie said

Heehee, gotta love random acts of kindness!

very jealous.

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We did a gift exchange at work, my boss who got my name, drew me an amazing picture which incorporates my love of tea.

Sil select said

that’s awesome!

Valerie said

So cool!

I work with some crazy talented people.

Wow! So nice to get a personalized handmade gift!

wow thats awesome

gorgeous! thoughtful to. You have a great boss!

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Tea really is the best gift. Hopeing for some myself.

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