2021: Sipdown Progress Thread

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January Sipdowns: 34
February Sipdowns: 30
March Sipdowns: 22
April Sipdowns: 29
May Sipdowns: 17

Yearly Total: 132

New Sipdowns:

Amacha by Kunohe Village Revitalization Project c/o Yunomi (20g sampler)
C’est Sympathique by THEODOR (sampler from Dustin)
Cours Mirabeau by THEODOR (sampler from Dustin)
Culinary Organic Matcha by Mizuba Tea Co. (100g package)
Eclair au Chocolat by Fauchon (sampler from Dustin)
Lady Londonderry (sampler)
Melange O by THEODOR (sampler from Dustin)
Metropolitan by August Uncommon Tea (15g sampler x 2)
Minnesota N’Ice by TeaSource (50g package)
Moon Over Madagascar by TeaSource (50g package)
Peppermint Cream by Bird & Blend Tea Co. (50g package)
Provence by American Tea Room (40g package)
Ramune (Japanese Soda) by Lupicia (50g package)
Sakura by Lupicia (50g package)
The du Hammam by Palais des Thes (sampler from Dustin)
Tourbillon by Damann Freres (sampler from Cameron)
Vie en Rose, La by Aesthete Tea (30g package)

Total: Approx. 600g cleared out during May!

Tiffany :) said

January Sipdowns: 33
February Sipdowns: 51
March Sipdowns: 45
April Sipdowns: 47 (ended with 176)
May Sipdowns: 6 as of 5/3

Yearly Total (different packages/tins) as of 5/3: 182
Total Amount (weight): ..good question!!

New Sipdowns (May):

Currently Working On:
—original (OG!) opened tin of DT Fantasy Island — inspired by Rachel aka VariaTEA
—#drinkwhatyouown (aka my DIY advent calendar) from Jan/Feb/March, taking April off.
—a zillion million teas always.

—March Sipdown Tea Madness — Still Round 3 (aka Semifinals) and Round 4 (aka Finals) to go!

—An Ode to Tea – April’s #2021steepstersipdown challenge..13/23 as of 4/29/21 (missing 3 letters)
STILL for May: A, F, G, J, L, Q, R, S, T, U // MISSING: D, O, X
+A – Amber (Houjicha) by Kyoto Tea Farms (gifted by Cameron aka @teas.n.pugs)
+F – Frosted Fruitcake by T2 (gifted by AJRimmer)
+G – Garden Tea by Palais des Thes (gifted by Cameron aka @tea.n.pugs)
+J – Jardin Saurage by Lupicia (gifted by Cameron aka @tea.n.pugs)
+L – Lemsugar Pancakes or Lemon Sherbet by Bird and Blend
*N – New England Breakfast by Harney & Sons (gifted by Tiana aka @its.a.tea.adventure) #10 4/27/21
*R – Rose All Day by DavidsTea (gifted by Tori aka @siply_tealicious) #15 5/3/21
+S – South Cloud Chai by Tielka Tea (gifted by Brianna aka @briannadrinkstea)
+IN PROGRESS T – Tropical Green by Gloria Jeans (gifted by Brianna aka @briannadrinkstea)
+U – Unicorn Fluff by Necessiteas (gifted by Brianna aka @briannadrinkstea)

done in May:
Q – Queen’s Blend by T2 (gifted by Brianna aka @briannadrinkstea) #14 5/2/21
*R – Rose All Day by DavidsTea (gifted by Tori aka @siply_tealicious) #15 5/3/21
+ to do / * not a sipdown

Here are the upcoming June prompts:

June Theme: A June Wedding – Nicknamed the “wedding month,” this month drink a tea that is old, a tea that is new, a tea that is “borrowed” (came to you from someone else through gifting, swapping, or a traveling teabox), and a tea that is “blue” (perhaps it has the word “Blue” in the title, a blue ingredient like cornflower petals or blueberries, steeps up blue from butterfly pea flowers, or maybe is just a tea you enjoy when you are feeling blue!)

Tuesday, June 1st: World Milk Day – Add milk (non-dairy is fine!) to a tea!
Saturday, June 12th: National Red Rose Day – Drink a rose tea or a tea with rose flavor notes!
Thursday, June 17th: National Eat Your Vegetables Day – Drink a tea with vegetal flavor notes!
Sunday, June 20th: Father’s Day – Drink a tea that reminds you of your father!
Tuesday, June 29th: National Waffle Iron Day – Drink a tea with the flavor notes of a favorite waffle topping!

yay, fun. Thank you

January Sipdowns: 34
February Sipdowns: 30
March Sipdowns: 22
April Sipdowns: 29
May Sipdowns: 17
June Sipdowns: 8

Yearly Total: 140

New Sipdowns:

American Beauty by American Tea Room (50g package) [old]
Berry Pink Rosé by Bird & Blend Tea Co. (20g sampler) [new]
Bi Luo Chun by Teavivre (c/o Path of Cha) (10g sampler) [old]
Calming GABA by Esteemed Tea Collective (single-serve sampler) [old]
Lavender Honey Matcha by DAVIDsTEA (50g package) [new]
Peche Mignon by THEODOR (sampler from Dustin) [borrowed]
Sakura and Berry by Lupicia (50g package) [old]
The Melange Angelina by Angelina (sampler from Dustin) [borrowed]

Total: Approx. 195g cleared out during June!

Currently Working On:

Blueberry White by Capital Teas (50g package) [blue]

Once in a while when I check new offerings of anhua I input more generic Hunan term. There is always a brick with yellow tea that comes up. I am always reluctant. I don’t think I will ever purchase it after the lowest low I went with bits of shaanxi Fucha and qinming yellow. I boiled both together. My body was offended by it. I know gotu kola is safe to mix with teas I don’t like. But that was good yellow tea. Maybe white tea has potential of being boiled with other poisons. Or maybe I should stop gamble with my purchases. But I love those wrappers/ boxes/ tins. My excuse I will use them for better teas. But I end up giving those away to new tea addicts. Which is very confusing when months later when they ran out of tea that I placed in totally random package, and they start describing the package and the taste, I literally have to go to my gmail confirmations to see what I might have been tempted to give away at the time. In that sense steepster is brilliant as it is a witness to my chaotic taste bouncing.

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