Jason select said

Tea Appreciation Society Love

Shayne from the Tea Appreciation Society did a nice little write up about Steepster. We’d love people to check it out and help spread the the love; the more the merrier!

Here’s the blog post: http://teaappreciationsociety.posterous.com/im-just-a-steepster-for-your-love

Here’s the their Facebook fan page where you can find the post and comment/like: http://www.facebook.com/TeaAppreciationSociety?ref=mf

So…are you a Steepster for our love? :)

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Oh dear – I think we need to make up all new lyrics to Jeepster substituting Steepster! Who wants to help!?!?!



and in case you haven’t heard the song:


Do we have any Weird Al types here that are good at this!?!? :) :) :)

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Now I have Yardbirds song stuck in my head. OMG, I’m really dating myself (thank goodness I’m a cheap date). Lol.

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Stephanie said

Great write-up! Cool blog. Neat Manifesto. Yay Steepster! :)

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