Zoom/Facebook tea meetup anyone?

Would anyone be interested in a virtual tea party or tea date?! I have zoom and messenger. I’m 42 in NC, USA – Eastern time zone.

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I will write here again :) I am in if I could schedule it somehow. Yep, I live in the Czech Republic, but I guess and think… afternoons or evenings would work for me (and for most of you it would be early afternoon, I know).

I don’t plan being online around 10 pm to suit everyone in the US. I would drink some fruity blend and you will enjoy some gongfu session? No way! Haha.

So yep, CET is my time.

As of system going on, I am not a fan of messenger. I never used Zoom, though my brother did and seems okay. I used to use Discord, but I have no idea how to start a own room. It wouldn’t be hard for sure.

Anyone else would join us?

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I can do Zoom and Google Hangouts but I don’t use Facebook and am not going to create a FB account.

so sorry I didn’t see your reply earlier! I have Zoom and Google Hangouts on my laptop, that would work.

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Someone else would like to join us?

YuNow said

will join next one. I just checked steepster after quite while.

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LiquidProust, who is an old timer here, does a tea hangout every Sunday afternoon on Discord, if anyone is interested. He drinks tea with everyone during the hangout. It’s very pleasant.

Oh, I’d love that – exactly what I was looking for :)

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Devon, you can DM LiquidProust on Instragram or get in touch with him on reddit/tea for details.

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For Devon Bartholomew
I keep forgetting to post this. LiquidProust’s Discord online tea meeting, every Sunday at 2 p.m. EST.

Live online tea party stage for the next 90 minutes

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