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Do I need to scrape off a layer of foam when brewing rock tea?

Do I need to scrape off a layer of foam when brewing rock tea?

First we have to figure out where these bubbles come from.
1. Tea saponin. It is an inclusions in tea and is also found in other plants such as soybean camellia.

The taste of tea saponin is bitter, and the biggest characteristic of pungency is to be able to froth.
In general, tea saponin is beneficial to our body, we can understand the specific through the network.

2. Hot water from a certain height on the leaves, will also form a certain amount of foam, this is a physical phenomenon.

So if tea saponin is good for our healthy, why do we need to skim it when brewing tea?

Because tea saponin foams, Its surface is easy to adsorb and gather tea fragments, particles and impurities, that is, will be more dirty, so it is better to skim it.

Finally, when we evaluate the quality of tea,does skimming tea foam affect the quality judgment?
The answer is no.

The aroma of tea does not come from tea saponin. Skim off the foam at the same time, more conducive to our taste aroma.

Skimming tea saponin had a slight effect on the taste of tea, but it did not bias the overall quality judgment. We can observe the amount of foam, and in the case of rock tea, the more foam the tea has, the more material it contains, but we don’t need to taste the foam.

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