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When storing old white tea, it is suggested to seal the package.NO open!

When storing old white tea, it is suggested to seal the whole tea in the package.NO open!

Most people know this, but they don’t care.

Especially the owner of the tea shop, because they often need to give the guests a taste, have to open the package to take the tea for brewing.

In the process of storage, aged white tea will form the best taste through the self-transformation of the contained substances. For example, tea polyphenols combine with amino acids to form theketones, which give a smooth and sweet feel.

If frequently oxidized by external air, tea leaves accelerate the transformation of some of the substances contained in them, while others do not change at the same time, resulting in an inconcordant composition that is bound to fail to produce the best flavor.

The solution is simple. Match the appropriate number of teas to the whole tea packages, and store the small bag of tea in the tea shop. When selling the products that customers store by themselves to be aged white tea, it is suggested to help customers to pack a small part of tea in addition to the sealed package of the whole tea, so that customers can taste the tea regularly to confirm the transformation situation.

Small details that seem to be understood by everyone can often help your sales a lot.

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