OT - new Dr. Who episode tonite!

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Husband and I enjoyed it, though he shares many of your aggravations at the snogging and the blushing (“he’s a married man!”) I thought it was terribly cute how wobbly he got. I like Cora and I do think they will play off each other well. I feel Matt Smith was full of life and back on his game, he seemed to be dragging in this last series/season.

Husband liked the new control room desktop (I was worried about how he would feel, but more classic=win for him and we both loved the Gallifreyan symbols. I loved the TARDIS on a cloud and we both loved Madam Vastra and her Wife (you should all watch the little prequel “Vastra Investigates” if you haven’t already).

Toddler started crying when the Doctor was lying on the ground, we told him he would be alright, but he kept crying when he got up and said “I’m upset about the other man, he’s dead”, he has never said anything about death before and even though we said it was okay because he was the baddie and it was only tv he said “I still feel sorry about him”.

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forsythia said

Can someone confirm that Clara is or was a Dalek? I thought I remembered when she was on the space ship the Doctor made her realize that; especially because of the “Exterminate!” or “Eggs-stir-in-eight” = the soufflés she baked. Anyway, that’s what I got out of it.

Yes she was a Dalek(Owswin/souffle girl!) and she died… twice and that’s something the Doctor is going to try to figure out.

forsythia said

I’m being dumb, still don’t understand the “Owswin” reference. Is it another word for soufflé or a type of soufflé. lol.

cuppaT said

It’s possible that Clara was just Clara Oswin Oswald in 1842 A.D. Earth. One of the conundrums of time being all wibbly-wobbly.

Valerie said

Clara was both a Dalek and a Victorian nanny — the question is “why.” I’m really excited for this mystery, and I think it will last the whole season similar to previous arcs.

Season 1: Bad Wolf
Season 2: Torchwood
Season 3: YANA/Vote Saxon
Season 4: I forget what the theme was this season.
Season 5: Cracks in time
Season 6: The Doctor’s Death
Season 7: Oswin

In the first episode this season, Asylum of the Daleks, she introduced herself as Oswin to the Doctor, in the Christmas Special she introduced herself as Clara and her tombstone read “Clara Oswin Oswald”, not sure if its a middle name or second surname.

Helena said

I think the main plot line for season 4 was how it’s okay for two people to be really close but have no romantic attachment something people tend to forget :D Donna and the Doctor were like Sherlock and Watson (BBC modern Sherlock) everyone assumes they are together and a couple but as Watson keeps saying “I’m NOT gay” hehe poor Watson :D

forsythia said

Oh, ok. I don’t remember her introducing herself as Oswin in that episode and completely missed the tombstone scene in the Xmas special. Thanks, makes more sense now.

MagicMeese said

Wasn’t season four where donna saved the universe from the daleks?

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