what combinations are good for design-a-tea free samples?

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Karys said

I wanted to try Irish cream/pepp….I want a tea that tastes creme de menthe like.

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chestnut ginger or ginger Pecan (green base) and hazelnut pear, or chestnut nutmeg (oolong)all sound interesting

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Hello all!
Just wanted to introduce myself and my company (though it sounds like you know a bit about Design a Tea already).

We’re in our 6th year of operation… blah, blah, blah. Lets get down to the fun stuff! We created a company based on one goal- choice. We are a true artisan tea company that prides itself in the fact we do everything by hand, which allows us intimate focus to all orders- large and small with custom small batch blending to your specs. and even simple hand written sample labels and notes. The order labels are professionally printed though. With that said – -YSSAH- I can totally understand your question- where to start and what goes good with what. If you are a Libra- you may be in real trouble with our site! There are only tens and tens of thousands of possible blends to create; and don’t forget you can customize your labels-for those had to shop for friends (I know a cheap plug).

When you request your samples – we have to create that sample to order. We have to get the flavor blend right, not with a 60 gram order blend, but all in a 2 gram (single serving). Boy, that can be a challenge at times. And sometimes a flavor gets beat-up by a stronger one (Sorry LAZEY)- but all is not a wash. If you enjoyed a particular sample (some you won’t and you’ll find yourself saying.. what was I thinking??)-when/if you actually order it- mention in the “Comment Section” during check out – you want more pumpkin or less coconut. We’ll give it the college try… heck that’s what we do… fine tune your custom designed teas every time you order. That in itself is another big difference, we as a small tea company can offer.
Now my fingers are sore from typing so much. I thank all of you who have “experimented” with our blends (did I mention we have tens of thousands…)and have taken the time to toss in your thoughts. We usually don’t follow blogs/sites- but this one we have peeked at from time to time and will do more often (promise). I will add- the reviews – that I’ve seen- have all been fair and professionally done across the board here. I have seen other companies and reviews in other blogs just be torn apart- and that’s not cool :)

So happy new year, be safe and if you ever have any questions on a blend or tea in general, please feel free to email me or let me know someone has posted one here. And as always- thanks for all your support over the years!!!

Lazey said

I’m not complaining :D I know how one flavor can overwhelm another. I’m saving the $2 off coupon for when I got enough cash to buy some more tea, probably something else chocolatey. The comment section is a good idea, I’ll keep that in mind when I make my next order.

I try to keep my reviews at least fair if not positive, what I’ve learned about tea is it all comes down to a matter of taste.

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I got my samples but I’m too lazy when I get home to try them! I will report back…they smell good anyway. ;) I got Pecan Oolong and Green Chai.

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OMG (gosh) Lazey- I didn’t think you were complaining at all :)

When you get that cash and it starts burning a hole in your pocket AND your want to use the coupon… wow that was a long sentence. Always feel free to ask for a couple more samples in the “additional Information” section when ordering- we love tossing “extra” in for the ride!!!

Thanks again for your interest- and we tell folks ALL THE TIME- like you said- it all comes down to a matter of taste and every one’s is different. Take care
KeenTeaThyme- can’t go wrong with anything Pecan- enjoy

Lazey said

Tea’s a learning experience, why I like trying a new tea even more than a comfortable cup of what I already know I love.

Been eying the Earl Grey tea too. I can’t resist bergamot.

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