lam said

Need help buying containers

Hey, I’m new here and new to tea in general. I started drinking a variety of flavors using tea bags a month ago. I decided to invest in loose leaves and the necessary equipment and ended up buying ten different kinds, all one pound each. I bought jars to store them in individually however was disappointed to find that 16oz jars do not hold the amount I need them to, oops. I am writing this post asking for help in finding a reasonably priced bulk option of tea canisters/jars/whatever to store my motherload of leaves in. I skimmed through and it seems that I’ll be spending several hundred dollars on storage if I just lazily swipe my credit card. Any advice for a beginner from midwest USA? Thanks for your time.

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Dustin said

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I have reused plastic and tin containers to put tea in. Airtight and opaque is best, but you could use a clear plastic container if you keep it in a dark cupboard. My local recycling is picky about recycling plastics so I have been saving and trying to reuse them instead of throwing them away. One plastic jug from Costco that used to have peanut butter pretzels in it now has a half pound of chamomile.

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Nerys said

I think buy single first see if you like it and if it works for you.
I bought a metal tin insert cap and cap lid and is near impossible to open was from a shop that closed.

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