Ha. Ha. Teavana..

I’ve always been a Teavana sympathizer. Sure, they’re pushy, but they have damn good tea and damn good teaware. And now they have a sale that brings quality tea as low as $1.44 for 2oz. I knew that was too good to be true. After putting in my gift card to order some chai on the website, they told me “we can’t process gift cards at this time” so I just though “eh, I’ll go in tomorrow when it’s not snowing and buy it at the store.” Nope, the cashier told me that the card had $1 on it although I had never used it besides attempting to use it on the website. I go back home to the website and there’s no trace of the order at all. No email, nothing in my order history, nothing.

To sum it up, Teavana stole $14 off of my gift card. Is that even legal?

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They have customer service/website issues up the wazoo, but I don’t think they intentionally stole the money from you. I hate to tell you to call customer service because it is a pain to get through to them and I saw many others were having similar issues, but really that is the only thing to do to get your money back/tea ordered. Note that I am not a Teavana sympathizer, I worked there for a year and have issues with their sales model. So I’m not saying trust them, just that I don’t think they’re trying to cheat you in this way.

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Annie said

Definitely a bummer- I agree- just try and go through the motions of talking to some customer service, and keep records of how often you contact them/what comes of each attempt for future reference. I hope it gets straightened out for you!

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Sare said

I will Stick with Davids teas they may have some kinks but they always make it up to you!

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LefTea said

A lot of people were having gift card issues with orders yesterday. If there was no order placed the value should go back on to the card, it just may take a while. You know, long enough for the good stuff to be gone.

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