Valerie said

Oh Adagio, I wish I knew how to quit you...

Currently sitting in my cart. I’m giving it until the end of the day to decide whether to pull the trigger. Fandom blends were my gateway drug into loose tea, and now I’m tempted…

Ygritte: wild strawberry, foxtrot, spiced apple chai
Jon Snow: masala chai, assam melody, cream
Daenerys Targaryen: spiced green, gunpowder, white peach
Eowyn: peach, cinnamon, rooibos vanilla chai
Faramir: earl grey moonlight, assam melody, berry blues
Embrace Eternitea: rooibos berry, berry blues, white blueberry
Mollomar: vanilla, dewy cherry, rooibos lemon cloud

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Jared S. said

You can impose a self ban on yourself on their website actually. Hahaha

yssah said

wow. haha, it’s interesting how adaigo understands the addiction it causes its customers…and makes provisions for it, even though it may decrease profit for a bit ^^

That is kinda nice. I will probably be using that soon.

that page is no longer?

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Jared S. said

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Hilarious. longest ban is 7 days though

yssah said

you can always find strength to re-ban yourself…or ask your friend to ^^

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Not to be a tea snob but I just don’t care for adagio. If i’m looking for tea in that range I prefer Darlene’s Tea Shop on ebay. For slightly more I can buy Della Terra (which I adore) or Uptons.. I’ve had about 10 adagio teas and the only one I cared for was Thai Chai. And thats largely because I love coconut, will be getting another coconut chai shortly.

Valerie said

Honestly I just adore the idea of fandom blends on Adagio. It’s one of the most creative things I’ve ever encountered and it’s a lot of fun making my own blends as well. I’m definitely going to buy some of their Earl Grey Moonlight though — it’s the best EG with vanilla and cream I’ve ever tried, and I’ve tried more than three variations of the same concept.

Bubbles said

yappychappy: The only one I’ve had from them that I liked was Valentine’s, and I had to play with that one to get it right. I WANT to love them, but I have tried quite a few with awful results. :(
Valerie: Even though I’ve had all of those teas that I did not care for, I STILL feel the urge to try the Earl Grey Moonlight. I currently have Teavana’s Earl Grey Cream, and like it a lot…I wonder how Adagio’s blend compares.

momo said

Me too. Their flavored teas are so fickle, I hate dealing with them because they either taste good or horrible. The fandom ones have been the first time I can actually get consistent results that aren’t bitter or so artificial tasting I have to dump them.

Em said

I’ve enjoyed several of their rooibos and honeybush teas. Lemon Cloud and Hazelnut are my 2 favs of the moment.

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