Mother's Day Gift Sets 10% Off

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Hi everyone,

Just dropping by to share some love for the week with our weekly special. Valentine’s is coming up so we thought we are going with the Amore tea 20% off until Saturday 2/2. Plus I know some of you may have been looking for that one thanks to Azzrian’s great review (which you can see here:

Anyways the Dessert Gift Sets are also still on sale in case you were still looking for a gift for your loved one or loved ones.

Thank you all and have a great day! ;)

Azzrian said

A perfect Valentine’s Day tea it is!

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Happy Monday, everyone! Great suggestions for tea specials. Please keep them coming. Every week I will create a promotion based on your likes and suggestions. This week, lets make it White Guava with coupon code: SteepGuava good for 10% off White Guava tea, good thru the end of the week, Friday the 8th.

Yum! White guava is a good choice!

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Hi Steepster friends. Another weekly tea special from The Persimmon Tree is here. February 6-12 our Coconut Creme white tea is 20% off. I know this one is a favorite among our customers so it’s a good time to try it if you still haven’t.


I love this one, too!!

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Happy Friday and a great weekend to all! Just wanted to remind you that Free sample week will end on Sunday, February 17th. All orders placed between now and then will receive 3 free samples. Just like that.

Have a great weekend… again.

T.C. said

Just got my order in last night :)

Awesome! We hope you like them.

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Emilie said

Just wanted to say thanks for being so great with customer service! I’m making myself take a break from tea buying until I finish up more of what I have, but I’m planning on my next order being with you guys.

Well thank you very much Emilie. I just have to say though, that great customers = great customer service, so we can’t take all the credit. Thank you all :)

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Hello fellow Steepsters! Does any one have any suggestions for this week’s Steepster sale? I try to create coupons and sales based on your recommendations, so all feedback is welcome.

How about a Green tea special-for St. Patty’s Day!

The #1 barrier for anyone trying a new tea is the fear we won’t like it, and will have add YET ANOTHER big box/bag of tea to that shelf of “I don’t like it” teas. How about one where you send all of each type of tea – just enough for 1-2 cups. We could try a big variety of teas without gambling like $15. I’d buy something like that. And once I like a tea, I buy it regularly. My only requirement is it has to be herbal – I can’t do even the little amount of caffeine in decaf.

More than likely we will have a St. Patrick’s Day sale.

The sample package sounds like a great idea. I will cook something up and let you know how it will work. Stay tuned…

Thanks for the feedback.

Awesome. Looking forward to this. What a novel idea of asking customers what they want to see. I wish more companies would do what you’re doing!

A sample pack would be excellent. Preferably greens, not herbal. haha

Okay everyone, so the sample pack is now a reality! You pick your 5 samples from each category and we throw in a sample of rock sugar; all for only $5.00.
Let me know what you think.

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Hi Steepster community. This week’s special is 5 FREE surprise samples when you purchase any tin of Passion Fruit Jasmine with coupon code “SampleMe”.


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More samples coming your way, but only today. Make any purchase and receive 3 FREE samples. Just enter the samples you’d like in the “comments” area at check out.

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Hello Steepster friends,

Happy Friday to all! Wishing that everyone had a great week and will have an even better weekend. We are having a 20% sale on all herbal teas thru the weekend.

Check out some of our delicious flavors:

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Free German Rock Sugar Sample When You Buy One Sample Pack

Try new teas and taste nature’s true sugar at no cost. Our five tea sample pack comes with a FREE German Rock Sugar courtesy sample. Click “sample me”, pick a category, choose your teas, and order. It’s that simple.

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