Calling All Tea Bloggers!

We would like to know what you think about our teas. The Persimmon Tree has a unique program that gives discerning tea bloggers a chance to exchange our products or promotional items for a product review.

What’s in it for You?
We will send you our products or promotional items to review. After you review the items, they are yours to keep. We can also work with you to provide special discount codes or giveaways for your blog readers. In addition, we will have special incentives for video reviews that will make it totally worth your time.

come see if you qualify:

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You specify in your page that “Monthly unique blog / website traffic has to be over 3,000 unique visitors a month (as measured by Compete or Alexa)”
I read in Alexa’s site that “Sites with relatively low measured traffic will not be accurately ranked by Alexa. We do not receive enough data from our sources to make rankings beyond 100,000 statistically meaningful. (However, on the flip side of that, the closer a site gets to #1, the more reliable its rank.) This means that, for example, the difference in traffic between a site ranked 1,000,000 and a site ranked 2,000,000 has low statistical significance.”
The Walker Tea Review, a well-known review blog, has an alexa rank of 3,111,614, which makes the alexa traffic data kind of useless.
Given that most tea bloggers are in worse shape than that, why not ask for google analytics data or the like? It’s far more accurate.

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Good point Ricardo. Statics are a tricky game. Many of people do not go directly to a blog to read posts. I know that I personally do most of my reading through Google Reader which I believe would not be picked up by such services.

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Thank you for your postings. We really appreciate the feedback as we continue to make changes to improve our site and our customer service. If you are interested in becoming a blogger go ahead and apply. We are pretty lenient about approving bloggers. :)

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