Haileegirl said

Help mee!!!!

Hi my name is Hailee! I love tea, and ive always been drinking it but lately i have been trying new teas and being pretty successful, so far. (: I guess im just looking for some direction in good tea! I shop more at Teavana because its local. I like the sweet teas and spicy too! I also enjoy fruity types(: OK! thanks guys<3

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Nicole said

I’d hop into the swap thread if I were you. Lots of opportunities there to try out new teas and share yours with other folks. :) Otherwise, hang around on the boards awhile, find some folks to follow that like the same kinds of tea you do and read their reviews. That will lead you to more tea than you should know about. :)

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I agree with Nicole. Hang around here long enough and you’ll figure out your faves. Also, I’d look into getting a sampler pack of tea from somewhere like Della Terra that offers smaller sizes.

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Lynxiebrat said

Fusion Teas, Adagio Teas both have samples from about $2.00. I think Upton Teas does too. David’s Teas has sets that you can get some of their more popular teas, based on a theme. For instance as a late Christmas gift I will be getting the Sweet Indulgence set, that is mostly dessert tea themed. Also…here on the site you can look up your location and it will list nearby shops and stores that you can either sit down to have a cup or buy a few bags of tea, or both.

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Upton tea has samples from 1.00 to around 6.00$
Den’s tea has a $3 “Green Tea for Novices” pack that I personally found well worth it (it also contains a coupon for $3 for future purchases) – http://www.denstea.com/bnew-to-dens-teab-3-green-tea-sampler-for-novices-c-377_386.html Their genmaicha extra green is amazing too (its in the pack)
Della terra has amazing fruity teas but IMO they specialize in desert teas.. Try some of them (OATMEAL RAISIN COOKIE) – as indigo said they have sampler packs and their tea is VERY reasonably priced (sale now too) http://www.dellaterrateas.com

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Whispering Pines Tea has good deals on samples too

as does Octavia tea

Mark T Wendel allows you to build your own sampler as well as having pre set options

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