Group Bulk Shopping Signup- Hibiscus Superflower™ Teas

As mentioned before ( I’d like to get a chance to try more teas. If you would like to participate FOR SURE please comment with the number of sample sets you want.

When we get the number of sets (32, I want 4) “sold” I will place the order and request everyone send me check, money order, or similar to cover their price.

The price is calculated by:

Samples * 1.42 + $2.40 bag fee + Shipping

Shipping =$4.85 (USA), $10.88 (Mexico/Canada), $12.78 (all other countries)

I arrived at $1.42 = $50.99 for all 5 flavors at $9.00 each plus shipping/36 bags
I arrived at $2.40 = $96 for 200 bags plus shipping/200 bags *5 bags per sample

The Republic of Tea Hibiscus Superflower™ Teas


1 Blueberry Hibiscus Tea bag

1 Vanilla Apple Hibiscus Tea bag

1 Key Lime Hibiscus Tea bag

1 Pineapple Lychee Hibiscus Tea bag

1 Natural Hibiscus Tea bag

Each sample flavor will be in five 7”x5” tea storage bags from Life in Teacup no matter how many sample quantities you request.

Each sample will be shipped USPS small flat rate (5-3/8” x 8-5/8” x 1-5/8”)
I am assuming up to 6 sample sets can fit in flat rate before you must upgrade to medium. When the Teas arrive I will try to safely pack as many as I can in smalls and refund any shipping differences if needed.

Perhaps if this goes well we can do this once a month or so?

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Jillian said

Hibiscus – gack! I think I’ll pass this time. It’s an interesting idea though.

Ricky admin said

Agreed, great idea. I might participate in the future.

yea i know there are those of us who love the flower and those who don’t. I may post another one in a few weeks just to see if there is a big difference in interest between bagged (w/hibiscus) / other

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Meghann M said

Count me in for 4.


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