yssah said

Calling all tea bloggers - and a shameless plug ^^

The beautiful websites created by Keenteathyme inspired me to start my own tea blog at http://loveistea.wordpress.com/ – all I have posted there is my tea love story so far. Will blog about lotsa other things later.

You can also check out my (haphazardly) curated content on tea at http://www.scoop.it/t/tea-1. Do feel free to suggest links that you like.

Thanks y’all!

(Btw, I’ve double-checked the guidelines and I don’t think we are crossing any lines here because 1, I’m not selling anything and 2, it is ok to reply where relevant as long as the tea company is not being overly self-promotional. But if anybody thinks otherwise please feel free to post it nicely :) My main purpose here is just to interact.)

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You write very prettily. Reading those first few entries of your blog is like sitting with a gaiwan, watching and inhaling the fragrance of tea leaves opening.

And thank you for leading me to the James Norwood Pratt article in the Atlantic. From there I went to his site and just bought his book. Have you read it?

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yssah said

thanks Foolonghill! <3

um, im not sure which article you are referring to. haha, sometimes i just scoop up an interesting article and read it later :)

if you get into scoop.it, let me know if you come across cool tea articles too :D

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ashmanra said

Nice! Keep writing! I like the style and it will be fun to see it unfold.

yssah said


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