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The Poll is UP!

I’m going to just keep my original post below – in case people are wondering what this is all about.

Here’s a link to the poll page on our website: https://www.52teas.com/the-2021-holiday-box-survey/

Please vote! It only takes a couple of minutes to vote & it really helps us form the Holiday box into something that everyone enjoys! The poll will only be active through June 6!

Thank You!

Greetings, my tea friends!

I know it probably seems really, really early to be posting this – but given the various problems I encountered last year due to the pandemic – I want to be proactive this year & know what ingredients/supplies I’ll need for the Holiday box well in advance so that I can properly prepare (seriously, some of the ingredients that I need can take more than 4 months to arrive due to the pandemic and last year’s box was – mmm … a challenge? because many of the necessary ingredients I needed – I didn’t have – so some of the top vote getters did not even get into the box because we didn’t have the the ingredients I needed in time.

So rather than hope that the ingredients will arrive, I want to know well in advance what teas I’ll be creating for our holiday box this year to ensure that I have everything that I need when that time comes.

All that is to say – what teas should I put on the poll this year? I plan to post the holiday poll next month (May) – so I want to get a good idea of what teas I should include on the poll.

Thanks – in advance – for your responses!

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“Cranberry Black

All the vanilla black teas

All the marshmallow vanilla black teas

Earl Grey Cupcake.

Mango Genmaicha.

Snickerdoodle black.

Almost anything with gunpowder tea.

Almost anything with fat lashings of coconut.

I hope that is somewhat helpful.

(I’ll come back. Still thinking.).

52Teas said

Thanks – it’s very helpful. I won’t include the vanilla black and/or marshmallow vanilla black since I do keep those as part of a constant rotation – but the others are going on the list. Thanks (although, the two not so specific teas at the bottom – some specificity would help!)

Coconut French Toast with Cardamom Maple Syrup
Chocolate Rose Truffle
Foggy Coconut

(will probably think of more…)

52Teas said


Banana Pancakes!

I would love to see a pineapple tea, too!

52Teas said

Thank you!

Pina Colada Honeybush
Golden Yunnan Whiskey Sour
Caramel Apple Oolong
Cucumber Mango Shou Mei
Razzleberry Genmaicha
Tangerine Cupcake with Marshmallow Frosting Black Tea
Crisp Cranberry Soda Green Rooibos
Ginger Cola
Cherry Almond Genmaicha
Kumquat Cucumber Chutney
Chocolate Orange Cannoli
Lemon Cream Cheese Danish Honeybush

…also, I know it’s a Frank blend but I would love to see a re-imagined interpretation of Sugar Plum Shou Mei as a winter profile in more of your style!

52Teas said

Thank you! Just to let you know – I won’t be including white teas on the poll because they tend to be a bit more bulky and don’t work in the box. Also, I’m not able to reblend the Chocolate Orange Cannoli as it was an Amoda exclusive. The other teas will be on the poll, though! Thank you!

AJRimmer said

Crisp Cranberry Soda Green Rooibos (or any soda tea)
Bacon Sticky Bun (or another bacon tea)
Any pancake/maple tea

52Teas said

Thank you!

The pancake tea is part of our permanent collection, so it won’t be on the poll, but it will be added to the website in a couple of days!

I’dI like to see ’ a custard black tea.

Blackberry custard?
Any custard w a black base.

Also I don’t know if you can include a previous special order.

If so, I adored steepster Ho dukk duk goose. Black tea. It was awesome.

How about one of your lavend black blends? Vanilla lavender whipped Grey?

And what about one of your straight bland blend experiments?

(sorry, I know you wanted specific suggestions—)

52Teas said

Thank you – I cannot reblend the Ho-dukk Ho-dukk Goose because it was made with a very specific base and the company I ordered it from has a large minimum order – I would need to order far more tea than I need, unfortunately.

I’ve included the Vanilla Whipped Lavender Grey – thanks!!!

Not bland but black

This auto correct is killing me.

Too bad about that blend, Anne, but yay for the other one.

Here is where I mention Black Silk Chocolate Milk every year and you say the base is hard to find and
Peachy Keen though it will never win the vote.
Too many other great blends for me to narrow it down!

52Teas said

Yes, I did actually locate the base, but the price is really high – and I’d have to get a minimum of 5 pounds of it. It’d have a premium price tag and in the past when I’ve had a premium price tag on teas, they don’t sell well – so unfortunately, it’s a no to Black Silk Chocolate Milk. I will add Peachy Keen to the list though.


Shae said

I think some of these may be older blends, but these are all the teas I have in my spreadsheet that I’d like to try. I’m not sure which are older and which are more recent, but maybe you can use some of them. :)

Banana Pudding Black Tea
Black Silk Chocolate Milk Qu Hao
Blackberry Dumpling
Butter Pecan Black Tea
Cherry Cola Honeybush
Chocolate Éclair
Chocolate Orange Cannoli
Coconut French Toast with Cardamom Maple Syrup
Cotton Candy Black Tea
Cotton Candy Black Tea v.2
Earl Grey Cupcake
French Vanilla Marshmallow Assam
Hot Buttered Banana Bread
It’s Snowing!
Mango Rose Daiquiri Black Tea
Maple Cheesecake Ti Kwan Yin
Maple Roasted Plum Black Tea
Marshmallow Assam
Marshmallow Treat Genmaicha
Spiced Apricots and Cream
Strawberry Jam & Cream Filled Lamington Black Tea
Strawberry Pancake Black Tea
Strawberry Tea Cake Black Tea
Strawberry Zabaglione
Strawberry Zabaglione Green Tea
Sweet & Spicy Pecan Chai
Sweet Caramel O’Mine
Sweet Potato
Tropical Sunrise
Tropical Sunset
Walter Bishop’s Sublime Strawberry Milkshake Honeybush Tea

52Teas said

Thank you! Some of these I can’t do – but the others, I’ll definitely add to the poll!

52Teas said

PS: Marshmallow Treat Genmaicha is part of our permanent collection – you can get that anytime! Well, almost anytime, there have been times when it’s sold out and I haven’t had a chance to reblend for whatever reason – however, a brand new batch has been blended and was part of last month’s box! :)

Oh – also, Tropical Sunrise & Tropical Sunset are the same teas, I believe. I think it may have just been entered incorrectly as Tropical Sunrise.

Shae said

Oh thank you! I’ll update my list. :D

Kittenna said

I just went through 28 pages of my own 52teas ratings (missing probably the majority of blends from 2019 onward) and now have a strong desire to switch from going through my DavidsTea samples to my 52teas ones! (Funny story – I came up with these before looking for my last request list, and it’s almost bang on, haha. Except – I got some of my non-advent requests as reblends this year, which was so amazing!)

Below are the top reblends I’m hoping for, whether in the advent box or not:

Earl Grey Cupcake
Foggy Coconut
Earl Grey Cheesecake
Calico & Black Cat Tea – after mine met an unfortunate mousy end
Strawberry Jam & Cream Filled Lamington
Cashew Turtle
Coconut Banana Cream Pie Hojicha (I think I prefer the houjicha/white?)
Greys Teacake Kukicha
Mango Ice Cream
Pumpkin Toffee Dragonwell (I actually didn’t like Frank’s, but I bet you could make this fantastic!)
Blackberry Custard Tart green OR Blackberry Zomba green
Red, White, and Blue
Berried Treasure
Ice & Cream
Dragonglass Dragon Well
Cherries Jubilee Bai Mu Dan (maybe for a 2022 reblend?)
Lemon Lavender Creamsicle (maybe for a 2022 reblend?)

Combinations of blueberry, coconut, lavender, vanilla, caramel are definitely tops on my list!

52Teas said

Thanks – some of these won’t work for holiday box, but those that will, I’ll add to the poll!

Also, I prefer the houjicha & white tea blend to straight up houjicha too, the houjicha tends to be a bit too strongly roasted, in my opinion, and it tends to obscure the other flavors a bit.

Thanks for taking the time to go through so many pages of tasting notes! :)

Kittenna said

Thank you! I will just cross my fingers for a non-advent reblend of any of the others here. Or, in the case of Frank-era blends, a reimagining. :D

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