piplytte said

Did moving to a new house change the way my tea tastes?

In college I got into drinking tea. I would always have at least a pot a day, and I loved it.
After my course was over and I moved back home (in a different town,) my tea suddenly lost all flavor.. I make it the same way I always used to, I use the same pot and mugs, I have tried using all different types of tea…
I’m thinking maybe the water is filtered differently? The water never had a distinctive taste in either town, but the tea is definitely worse at home…
Has this ever happened to anyone else?
Could it be anything other than the water??

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Angrboda said

I would say it’s almost certainly the water source. Perhaps the water in the new place has a different hardness then in the old place. In that event, I believe there are filtering systems that can help you with that. To test it, try buying some water at the shop and brew a pot with that and see if there is still the same problem.

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Roland said

There are lots of factors in water chemistry, and it can really effect flavour both in how it extracts and in an absolute way. Filtering can remove off flavours from taints in the water, but home filters don’t generally effect water hardness. Apart from trying bottled water, I’d suggest trying varying the extraction of your tea – maybe try brewing it for longer or using a higher dose, since different water can extract flavour at different rates. Not sure about where you are, but in the UK we can find water chemistry reports for different areas provided online – that’s a good way to compare hardness etc. and see if that’s a factor.

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darky said

buy a brita filter can, it helps alot! I’m using my can for 3months now and its a big difference in taste and brightness in my cup :)

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