Cuppa Crew said

Bulk storage question

I know this has been somewhat hammered to death, but I thought I’d ask anyway. :-D

I’m about to place an order for several kilos of different types of tea for use in my blends. I’d rather not package ALL of the tea in to retail sizes at once, so I’m left wondering how to store the rest of my bulk tea so that it doesn’t go stale or absorb other scents around it, etc.

I’ve seen a number of large tin options (2-2.5kg capacity), but the danged things are expensive even at wholesale, and I’m not even sure they’re airtight enough for my purposes.

What do you guys use for air-/light-tight storage of large quantities of tea?

Thanks a bunch!

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Dustin said

Food grade storage bins would be my guess. Home brewing supply stores have 5 gallon food grade buckets.

Cuppa Crew said

Heh. That makes perfect sense. Guess I just got stuck thinking I had to have “tea tins” rather than, well, the obvious answer. :-D

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