Mlesna/Metropolitan Tea Company wooden tea boxes

Hi all. I’m new around here. I’ve just posted a review and looking forward to trying new recommendations.

Because I appear to have borderline-OCD, I’m collecting a number of tins and boxes for my tea collection. I really like the Mlesna/Metropolitan Tea Company wooden boxes and I’ve picked up a couple of these. I prefer loose leaf to tea bags and I know it’s not really an issue if I’m going to be reusing the box, but I would prefer to buy the 100gm loose leaf boxes rather than the 25 tea bag boxes. Apparently, all of them are available in either format, but apart from and Tea Leaves in Australia, all of the websites only seem to sell the tea bags boxes and Mlesna only deals with wholesale.

Does anyone know of a shop or website, preferably in Australia, where I can buy them? I’ve come up with nothing on google.


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