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Looking for spring 2021 Fuding Silver Needle

It’s that time of year again, when the hype over the new spring harvest makes me want to buy something I don’t normally drink. Instead of buying fresh green tea, which tends to languish in my cupboard for an embarrassingly long time, I’m thinking of getting a spring 2021 Bai Hao Yin Zhen from Fuding to increase my knowledge of white tea. (I’ve already tried one from ZhengHe, and want to see if I can tell the difference between the two growing areas.)

So, what’s a good source for this tea? I’m sure Whispering Pines and Seven Cups have great examples, but I don’t want to pay exorbitant shipping rates if I can avoid it. Wuyi Origin has some interesting white teas, none of them 2021 Silver Needle. Then there’s this tasting box from One River Tea:
Yunnan Sourcing also has one, though there are no reviews on Steepster.

I’m looking for a good benchmark for the style and am willing to pay a fair price for a small amount (but preferably not high shipping rates on top of that).

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No idea! But I did a fast research and not many vendors are having it. This one seems to be from Germany: https://shop.liu-tea-art.com/produkt/bai-hao-yin-zhen-white-hair-silver-needle-fujian-fuding-mountain-white-tea/

and no idea how much shipping will be. No experience with this company though.

Leafhopper said

Thanks, Martin! I can’t find any shipping info on this company either. I think it’s still pretty early for Bai Hao Yin Zhen, and many more companies will start carrying it in a few weeks. I might have to wait till then.

Probably you are right! I haven’t found anything and this one is moreover only preorders yet… so patience bring roses, or white teas.

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The most affordable option I’ve found so far is this one from Yunnan Sourcing:

There’s also this one from Whispering Pines, though I’m not sure it’s from Fuding:
(The price is for half an ounce and of course excludes shipping.)

The Canadian vendors, which always seem to lag behind in tea procurement, will probably get some in May or June, so you’re right that patience might have to be a virtue. (Or I might cave and place an unnecessarily large YS order for a bunch of unrelated teas!)

Feel free to let me know where you prefer to get your Fuding Silver Needle, even if it isn’t available yet.

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