Babble said

OT - Anyone tried a paleo diet?

I was curious if any of my tea buddies have any experience with the Paleo diet. I’ve seen discussions on the forums about veganism and the like, but nothing on Paleo. It’s essentially gluten-free and sugar-free, with a high focus on meat, fat, and veggies.

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Dustin said

I didn’t think it was gluten free, just any kind of food processing free. So… do you get to drink tea on this diet?

Babble said

Yeah, food processing free is more accurate. And yes, you can drink tea, thankfully.

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I have a number of friends on paleo, all doing different things. One does the no gluten. Other does no grains at all. Another does the no food processing and everything organic, but eats grains. I figure the mainstream it is a gluten free diet.

IMO, just sounds like another Atkins / ketogenic diet to me, and one should probably be popping vitamins to be safe.
I’m personally not a fan of anything evolutionary psych like – explaining (guessing) how something worked from the cavemen era seems flawed as it can explain everything and impossible to test.

Babble said

How do the people that are on it feel?

Thanks for the link. It’s good to get varied opinions. I thought it was low carb at first too, but a lot of what I’ve read about Paleo encourages you to not limit your carbs and not go into keto

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I try to follow only one rule I’ve learned from all the research I’ve done on the Paleo diet. It works well and has really changed my perception on how I eat. The rule is this:

When shopping, don’t go down the aisles. Perimeter shop.

It sounds stupid but it makes you look at food differently. Stick to the walls of the grocery store and you’ll find everything healthy: fish, vegetables, meats, fruits, everything you’re supposed to be eating but don’t.

Look down the aisles and you’ll see bright, obnoxious boxes of crispy crunchies, gooey glops, crunchy cracklins and a whole bunch of other crap you don’t really need at all. You’ll start to see how strange and gross all that junk is that takes up 90% of the market. It’s crazy.

Try perimeter shopping for a week or two. It’ll take a little planning and might be just a bit more expensive but it’s totally worth it. I’m not going to promise you anything but if you’re interested in changing your eating habits at all, it will also change the way you look at how you buy food in general.

…except the tea aisle. Don’t walk past that.

Grocery tea aisles definitely get skipped. I perimeter shop though and have been for a few years.

Babble said

So you’ve researched Paleo but haven’t tried it?

I’ve heard the perimeter thing before. One book I read even said, “All the good food is along the perimeter. Except the bakery. AVOID THE BAKERY.”

I had to LOL at that one.

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Emma Bell said

I’ve been eating paleo (or primal, really, because I include dairy) for about nine months.

For me, this means I eat meat (grass fed whenever possible), eggs, fruits and vegetables, some nuts, and milk. I don’t eat grains, legumes, or anything processed. I do use Splenda to sweeten my tea on occasion.

I didn’t choose paleo/primal for the evolutionary logic (especially since, as an anthropologist, I know that the diet eaten by early humans would have varied widely by geography) – I like the emphasis on whole, unprocessed foods and avoidance of grains.

I have much better energy than I did when I was eating grains/etc. I have been much healthier, physically – no migraines, only one cold, no sinus or upper respiratory infections since I made the switch.

Babble said

Thanks for your input. I hope I have the same success that you do.

How long have you been a Steepster member? I haven’t really seen you a lot on the forums. I would love to read some of your tasting notes :)

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I follow the Primal Blueprint, which is a variation of paleo – it allows for raw dairy, dark chocolate, and generally encourages a higher fat intake to make up for reduced dietary carbs. I pretty much eat no “grains” except for corn, and have done this for almost 5 months now. It has worked well for me.

What I like about Primal/Paleo is the emphasis on less processed food. Also, there is no “set” way to do it – the focus is on self experimentation and figuring out what works best for your body. Very data driven, which appeals to my little scientific heart.

So, in a nutshell, I like being paleo and I love that I get to drink tea. A lot of teas (like 52Teas Pancake Breakfast) have become especially awesome to me now since they are literally a way for me to have my cake and eat it too. :)

Are you paleo/considering it?

Babble said

I’m definitely considering it, especially in light of some recent digestive issues that I’ve been having. I haven’t read much on the Primal Blueprint, but I’ll have to look into it.

I’m considering doing a restrictive Paleo for the first 30 days (which also limits eggs, nightshades, nuts, and fruit) and then gradually adds in back in after 30 days. Here’s a link:

I’ve been toying with a lot of different food diets lately, but this one seems to make the most sense given various other issues, and I’m willing to give it a shot :)

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teajoteas said

What I like about paleo is the raw food emphasis. I think skipping dairy altogether is a bit extreme, especially if you have an opportunity to consume unpasteurized milk (farm fresh), which is not a bad thing for you. Obviously, the best part of the diet is dumping processed foods. The only thing I don’t like is the $4.50 Paleo bar that someone tried to sell me at The Fresh Market store. I’m sure there are better ways to experience the diet than to spend that much on a bar.

Babble said

Do you purchase the high-quality meats like grass-fed beef and the like? Where is your source for that in the Tampa/Orlando area. I know it’ll be pricey, but I know Paleo is also about do what you can.

teajoteas said

We do buy grass fed beef and antibiotic free chicken and pork. Usually it’s from Whole Foods, which is rather expensive, but I haven’t found the same quality anywhere else…yet. I am open to other suggestions for sources if you have some.

Babble said

I’m actually just learning about the sources myself-haha. I know it’s ideal to buy locally, but it’s hard to find a good selection around in this area.

Where do you get the raw milk from?

teajoteas said

Good question…haven’t delved into raw milk yet, although some friends have suggested it to us.

momo said

This probably isn’t helpful now, because it just ended, but there’s a farm in southeast Georgia called White Oak Pastures that sells grass fed beef and they do an amazing sale every mid-December online. Here’s a link right to their newsletter for next year:

Their stuff is probably available in Whole Foods even down by you and it’s great stuff and the family who runs it is pretty terrific.

Sorry to hijack your thread, but I wanted to chime in on the dairy/meat resources. I’m not sure where you live, but is a good starting point for finding raw dairy. Bear in mind that in most states raw milk is not allowed to be sold for human consumption (this is the case in Georgia), but farmers get around this by marketing it “for pets”. The farm I buy from also has raw milk cheese and free range eggs – the cheese especially is amazing!

Also, I’m not sure if this is an option where you live, but I know in metro Atlanta there are several meat CSA’s which allow you to get a monthly delivery of grass fed beef/pastured pork from local farms. I am a part of one and it does take care of the bulk of my meat consumption. I usually will get any unusual meats (lamb,bison or duck) from Whole Foods on special occasions or when I want something different.

I love talking about Paleo/Primal living – it’s probably the only thing that rivals tea as an obsession! But since I love it so much I tend to not know when to stop talking about it, so I’ll just quit while I’m ahead now. :) Feel free to PM me if you do want to know more, though!

Babble said

I’m enjoying all this Paleo talk. And it is slowly becoming an obsession of mine too. But that’s because I want to know everything about the diet before I start.

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Katiek said

My younger relative has been on it for some time and likes it. I think it is good in many respects, but mainly because it’s a shorthand way to refer to a lot of good eating habits – such as eating more fruits, vegetables, and healthy foods and fewer processed foods and stuff like candy/cookies.

I don’t tend to favor absolute rules about dieting and think a little compromise helps people stay motivated for the long run, but a focus on healthier foods is a good thing.

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Claire said

Rayn and I have been paleo/primal for awhile now (we’re fans of and both feel great. Rayn lost about 20lbs, since I’m gluten free it wasn’t much of a stretch for me, and we’ve both experienced less joint pain. I think the media tends to misrepresent paleo/primal quite a bit, that it’s an all or nothing thing but I’ve found the “diet” is really a spectrum (and the spectrum works). I don’t eat much dairy but Rayn has cheese almost every day. Rayn doesn’t eat much grains but I have rice at least 3 times a week. We’re both in good shape and feeling well. If you’re interested I highly recommend Mark Sisson’s and Robb Wolf’s books/websites. And if you really get into it message me for tons of awesome recipe websites!

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ssajami said

I’ve been primal for over a year. No grains or gluten. I try (with some but not complete success) to stay away from sugar. Lots of meat, eggs, veggies, and diary. I started because of digestive issues that the doctors had not idea what to do with. I have since come to the conclusion that while I do not have celiac, I am nevertheless sensitive to gluten. Whenever I eat gluten(because I can never resist my mom’s pizza), the next day I feel the effect.
At any rate, in general I have more energy, I sleep better and I have lost weight.
And, contrary to what conventional nutritionists would have you expect when someone is on a high sat. fat diet, my cholesterol is fine, so is my weight, my sugar and my blood pressure.
So I guess, for me, it works :)

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WtFGoD said

if your eating healthy why bother with gimmicky diets which limit one specific group of foods, in this case gluten/grains? unless your sensitive to gluten it shouldnt make a bit of difference. cant argue with the notion of avoiding processed foods as a general rule of thumb, or things that people get too much of or dont need, ie: sugars,fats,salts.

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