Vegan/Vegetarian Bloggers?

Does anyone have a Vegan (or Vegetarian) specific blog?
Let us know!

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infused1 said

I’m going to have to try a few of your recipes. The chickpea salad looks great.

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Novi said

Not mine, but my favorite is

The recipes are the best looking food I’ve seen on the internet!

Jaz said

Love fatfreevegan!

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Lazey said

I’m not vegan but I’m following both your blogs, I like trying vegan stuff sometimes.

My blog has a bit about tea (will have more tea entries in the future)

Thanks! I’m following yours by email :)

Lazey said

I have a post about the cats coming. Hopefully I’ll have something about icefishing soon, waiting for the lakes to freeze up.

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Well, I guess our blog is technically vegan ( and there are a few recipes (beer bread recipe & strawberry teatini) with a few more coming soon, but some of my favorites are: Quarry Girl (Lots of restaurant reviews) Snarky Vegan She doesn’t post often but I love all of her recipes. Amazing.

Thanks! I had lots of fun making that martini. The Snarky Vegan has some great recipes. They did this 50 Shades of Kale series that was pretty awesome. Chef Chloe was the first vegan (there are at least 2 vegans now though maybe it was 3) to win Cupcake Wars. One of her winning cupcake recipes (chocolate strawberry shortcake) is posted on her site. I’m a huge fan of hers. Every recipe that I have tried of hers has been amazing and a huge hit with my non-vegan friends. I feel the same way about Quarry Girl though I can’t complain too much since I’m located 45 minutes from Philly and an hour from New York, so I do have plenty of vegan restaurants close-ish.

Nice, I bet its much nicer to be able to eat at restaurants a lot more now for you. The Internet has been so great for support. Sometimes its nice to chat with others that deal with the same issues.

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I wish I had more time to blog! I love cooking (and I’m pretty good at it, if I do say so myself!) but this darn commute is sucking my free time away (and taking my soullllll with it!)

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