Novi said

Growing tea-friendly herbs?

Maybe the dead of winter is not the time to bring this up, but I do love gardening in the summer. I’d love to know if anyone here plants herbs in their garden and uses them in their teas? Which herbs have you had luck with, which taste best?

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momo said

I like peppermint and spearmint, and I’ve heard amazing things about fresh rosemary tea but this past year I only used mine for cooking.

I’d also be curious how pineapple sage tea would taste.

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LynnkayBee said

We like Sage, not pineapple, but that may be a good idea I’ll have to try. Also, fresh rosemary or thyme or a combination of two of these work great!
I have thought that sage tea occasionally eased a headache when aspirin wasn’t quite making it go away.

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Lazey said

Herbs are supposed to be so easy to grow… but somehow I fail at growing the simplest herbs.

I’m going to try growing some mints this summer.

momo said

Haha, just keep them watered and in an area that gives it the proper amount of light and you’re set. Mints are super easy because they’re crazy, just make sure they’re contained or they’ll grow EVERYWHERE.

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