yssah said

this may be the start of a Pay It Forward revolution!

seeing as some of our members who are blessed with lots of tea are so generous to share, what do you guys (who received free tea) say about starting a topic to pay it forward each?

here is a possible scenario:
1. let’s say member A gives out 10 free teas to 5 different people.

2. given that member A gave them out without expecting anything in return, all 5 are free to choose whether to start a PIF topic or not. so say 3 of them start PIF topics 1, 2, and 3 respectively.

you can name the thread: "(member A)-(your name)’s PIF. or you can just use any name +PIF. you can add a number at the end if you are starting more than 1 PIF topic with the same name.

each offers whatever tea they want to give away. it may or may not be the exact same worth of the tea that they got. this is giving without expecting in return after all.

3. each PIF topic is open for everyone but it is always better to wait til everyone gets a chance to participate before taking another turn :)

4. participation:
a. post a reply on an offered item. you might want to indicate your location if outside the states so you can negotiate shipping, if necessary.
b. offer something that you would like to receive. the concept of paying it forward implies that you are so grateful for what you got and you want to make somebody happy too.
c. message your mailing info to your donor.
d. send out your tea to your recipient.
the main point is to not let the topic end with you :)

5. the only rule i would like to suggest is to avoid talking about swaps in PIF topics. just noticed that it kinda stifles the spirit of PIF ;)

anybody can start a PIF topic if you want to start the ball rolling. more PIF topics means more chances for people to participate :)

thanks for considering this, guys. it would be a great way to start this new year :D

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Sare said

why is there a new thread about this?

Serenity said

Sare, maybe yssah is new? Perhaps you could post a link to a prior thread about this so she can see it? Great minds do think alike!
Just my thought. Happy New Year!

Sare said

Serenity She was in the thread so i don’t need to show her that there is already a confusing thread about this. But thanks for your input :) Happy New Year!

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momo said

This old one had no replies for THREE years so I’m pretty sure there’s nothing wrong with starting a new one if there is interest in reviving it. That way it isn’t confusing, because none of that stuff is available and obviously a lot of those people aren’t around anymore, but that’s just me.

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yssah said

hi guys! i did see the 2 PIF threads that ended 3 years ago. and i noticed that they got confused with swaps ^^’

it was only a suggestion and i thought it would be cool if there were several PIF threads going on at the same time so we can have more choices and opportunities to get and share new teas. that way, we dont feel so bad if we miss out on a tea from one thread…idk, hahaha

anyways, if you like the idea, feel free…and if not, that’s ok. im just happy to see you guys reply, thanks :D

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DaisyChubb said

It’s a cool idea! Better to start a new thread than revive a 3 year old one since many of those people are long gone (even if we miss them :( )

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Azzrian said

I think it is a lovely idea! I am already involved in sending out a lot of tea boxes at this time but appreciate the idea and offer!

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yssah said

i was actually inspired by you and other members who want to share. just thought it would be cool if there were more people doing the same and the blessing continues to flow :)

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