Gentlemen's Tea Club , men and tea

The Philadelphia Inquirer did a story this week on a group of men meeting for tea at a local tea shop (Tea Country). Wed, March3rd newspaper; and corresponding online article:
and more on the subject:
Have the guys taken over?
What brings you to have a cup of tea instead of a coffee or beer?

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PeteG said

We have not taken over just requested a place to sit and enjoy the secrets of tea.

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Spot52 select said

I do not drink tea in place of liquor, but I do drink it in place of coffee. I have never been a coffee drinker, I find the taste to be very acidic. But I guess the same qualities do draw me to tea, as I have heard about coffee.
I like caffeine
I like the variety
I notice the subtle differences
I like some of the snobbery
And it just plain tastes better to me than any other hot caffeinated beverage, this is likely the number one reason.

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TéKiko said

HA HA! It’s so good.

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AJ said

I can’t honestly defend myself because I lose all my masculinity when it comes to tea. But I have just never liked coffee (other than the smell, it’s so misleading), and I have never been much for alcohol (I’d say I was a teetotaller [or should I say teatotaller?], but I have nothing against trying new drinks. I just rarely finish them/go in for a second sip). And I love looking clean and professional while sitting in a tea shop (I have a friend from the UK who says that I am “already British” in regards to the fact that I was thinking of signing up for a studies abroad program to Wales).

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tease said

Thought the men of Steepster would enjoy this all-male tea party and the attached recipes. :D

Wow this is great! Not to mention their facial hair is impeccable. Thanks for the link!

Stephanie said

LOL @ the comments on this article! So hilarious!

But despite them, I think the guys look cool. So 50’s beatnik.

Wonderful photography! … and for all you carnivores and omnivores – how cool is that rabbit pelt cozy?
Vegans: don’t look!!

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When you say “Gentlemen’s tea club”, I think


I’d bring a tinfull of oolong, and a walletfull of singles.

thinks ya know…..i think this could be a great business plan, not as lucrative as the normal (alcohol making the money leave the wallet faster et all)

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Harfatum said

I love this sort of thing. Myself, my bro, and some friends would do it on occasion. I’d love to get a new one started up in my town now.

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