Whats your New Year Resolutions!

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My two resolutions are 1) to be able to run a mile and 2) to stay out of the psychiatric emergency room, loneliness be damned! I’m off to a good start! New Years Eve tends to be the hard part.

you’re past the hard part then :) never be afraid to call on those who love you and that you trust, even just to say “hey I’m not feeling so hot right now, can we watch a movie?” you have my prayers!!

Thank you for your support!

Glad you making big changes there. I recently moved to Buffalo to be closer to family for similar reasons.

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Mine is to be more tolerable…of earl greys and matcha. ;) I’m easing onto the matcha train!

I have never succeeded in regard to earl greys personally, keep trying every few years.

Other than a creamy earl grey, I’m the same way. Too much watery fruit loops, not a lot of other flavors. But I’m going to try.

I did this for years. I have recently decided that life is too short to drink tea I don’t love and I’m letting Earl Grey’s go for life. I’m at peace with it <3

Mmm! I love earl grays! Creamy ones, especially! If you need someone to take your failed earl grays off your hands….. Kidding! ;)

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Lynxiebrat said

Mine is to not buy more tea for at least a month, though it really should be for the next 3 months. Really, really drink down to make room for the tea that isn’t here yet!

Start exercising and eating more sensibly.
Start training for something like CNA this year, get a job in that field, and quit current one.

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Bubbles said

Less purchases, teas and otherwise. I need to stop getting distracted by sales, limited editions, and shiny things in general. I seriously have enough tea to last me a few YEARS. I want to allow myself a tea purchase in the spring, because I love fresh greens, but only if I have consumed a significant portion of my stash.

More walking. I used to walk everywhere, and never drive. Part of it is not living within walking distance of my workplace anymore, but most of it is laziness.

Just being more on top of things in general.

I went from being super organized, pretty fit, and generally happy to a chaotic agoraphobic. I’ve been taking steps already to turn that back around, but I need to work even harder at it this year.

OMGsrsly said

If you can, I’d recommend shopping around for a bike. My work is too far to walk to, but in the summer (I am totally a fair weather cyclist) I love to cycle.

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More reading, more meditating, more yoga, more tea.

and stop getting so ragey when people tick me off. It’s just a waste of my energy.

Totally been there! I learned to enjoy watching people be stupid.

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Jillian said

None in my case, I suck so bad at keeping them that this year I’m going to use reverse psychology and not make any to see if that works. ;)

Lynxiebrat said

lol…I’ve done that…I find it ends up justifying my laziness even more. But that’s just me, I hope you have better luck with it.:)

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Isaila said

hmmm. Spending less time online, going outside my house more, focused…
Tea related: try to save some money ( i.e. not spend it all on tea), but also buy good teas and not random impulse buys that I don’t like.

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My resolution is to continue in sobriety, which will be 6 months at the end of this month. Meaning…I’m not cutting any of my tea spending!! If it makes you happy, it can’t be that bad, right? If it makes you happy AND sober, don’t give it up.

TeaDreams1 said

Good for you and congratulations on 6 months! :)

Sare said


Good for you! :)

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cuppaT said

My Cupboard and Tasting Notes have been sadly neglected; I need to get my tea organized and the aforesaid up to date. Along with Bubbles, I need to stop getting distracted by sales and shiny things (unless Red Leaf begins offering those matcha sample packs…). I asked my mate if I could restore an antique china cabinet (his late mother’s) for my tea, but he says I probably need an entire room — not just a cabinet. I thought that was funny until I looked around our kitchen.

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Adeline said

I don’t have any formal resolutions (I do better making changes when something in my life spurns it rather than in honor of the new year) but I’m making it a goal to read 52 books this year!

Uniquity said

Yay reading! I was sort of shooting for 100 last year but only made it to 90. I’ve decided to try again for 100 this year and see how it goes. Unfortunately my holds list at the library is at 60 already, so I guess I know most of what I’ll be reading, heh.

Sare said

I work a lot and then don’t have much time with other thugs I do so I have set it to read 5 new books! I’ve been working on one for month :( and its a good book!

I love this goal!!

I’m trying this one out on goodreads too! They let you set your own challenge for the year and I went with 52 as well.

OOh I’ll have to check out that challenge!!!

Adeline said

I’m also using goodreads, it’s so nice having a website to keep track of it!

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