Whats your New Year Resolutions!

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yssah said

ok, i’ll bite. but it’s not so much a resolution as a desire :)

having finished reading through the Bible after idk how long (had lots of stops and starts through the years). i want to be able to read through it again in a year like i did once before. that was such a time of growth and i want it again so bad….but im not doing so good the past couple days :P gotta want it bad enough!!!

my tea desire is to fall deeper in love! to experience all kinds of tea and to share that with the world.

Uniquity said

I started the bible a number of times when I was in the single digits. I think the farthest I ever made it was Exodus or Deuteronomy. Had trouble getting through the ‘boring’ bits. : ) Good luck!

I’ve it through most of Brick Testament (LEGO version).

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My resolutions:

1. Take bette care of myself! This includes:
-Drinking more tea AND water
-Taking better care of my skin and using all natural skin care products
-Talking more briskly to/from the bus stop (instead of trudging along thinking I don’t WANNA be walking right now…)
-Eating better (more protein/vitamins for my vegan self!)

2. Along the same line as above, lose the weight I’ve gained this last semester! Waking up at 4am has tricked me into eating 4 meals a day instead of three! I need to drink more water and tea and snack less! I’ve already lost just over a pound in the last 2 days since buying a scale! Only… 11 more to go! (or 7 if I’m being realistic for my height haha)

3. Not buy so much tea. THIS IS SO HARD. I know you all can relate! I had to pass on the Lupicia bags, all the Christmas sales, everything! Money is tight since I don’t get a paycheck over the summer and all my extra needs to go into savings, so when I have an entire pantry full of tea, it’s getting kinda hard to justify buying more. Along the same lines, I’m trying to really drink down the tea that I DO have. Maybe I’ll find a new favorite!

4. Interestingly enough, I AM, however, allowed to buy things to make myself feel better about myself. Meaning clothes (within reason), body care items, etc. I feel dumpy and frumpy all the time because I don’t PAMPER myself and my self-esteem is at an all time LOW! So I’m going to get new contacts (I hate wearing glasses), take more long baths, take better care of my skin, etc. etc. I’ve started this with buying new body washes/sprays at the mall yesterday haha.

5. Read more books. On the train ride home, I have A TON of time that is usually wasted (Though a lot of it is reading news articles on my phone so not WASTED wasted) but I would like to fill the time with actually reading more books. I think my brain will thank me! I’m going to check out this Goodreads challenge now!

Okay thats all (haha?) Off to drink my tea, read my book, maybe go get new contacts, and then fill my fridge at Trader Joe’s! Whew!


Oh yea, and spend more time playing with my PUPPIES! :)

Josie Jade said

Wow, mine are right in line with yours, Madeline! Right down to pampering myself and spending more time with my pups. :)

enjoy the long baths with Lush bubble bars and bath bombs OR a cheaper alternative (not as wonderfully fragrant, but just as softening and moisturizing) Fizz Butter bubble bars and bath bombs!! Reading in the bath tub with a cup of tea is an ultimate luxury every girl should indulge herself in

I ADORE baths! I disappear in there so long with books that my boyfriend literally periodically will call/yell up the stairs at me to check that I haven’t drowned. I haven’t found the best way to bathe and drink tea at the same time, though…..

Jade, your profile pic dog is adorable!

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JasonCT said

Lose weight

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Claire said

I’ve gotten really out of practice on my ukulele, so I want to remember at least 15 minutes a day of practice!

I just got my grades in for Fall 2012 and received a 3.94 GPA. Hope to do at least that well again next semester. :)

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