spoiled tea???

Got Teavanna’s White Aryuvedic Chai in a swap and there is a consistent aftertaste reminiscent of curdled milk. Upon investigation, it seems that the person that swapped with me also noted an aftertaste that they dislike. I am wondering if the tea somehow went bad? I know that they can drastically lose their flavor overtime, but can tea spoil or did we just have the misfortune of crossing a bad batch?

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Kittenna said

I feel like flavoured tea can definitely spoil, although bad batches are possible as well! Can’t say I’ve had that tea from Teavana though.

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Angrboda said

Unflavoured tea doesn’t spoil as such. They fade and go stale, but they don’t spoil. Flavoured tea on the other hand… Yeah, it might, I think. I’ve never seen it happen myself, but who knows what can happen in flavouring oils and what not.

Curdled milk flavour sounds foul. It could be a bad batch or it could have actually spoiled but either way, I don’t think you should drink any more of it until you’re sure. Just to be safe.

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Uniquity said

I’ve not had it happen but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t, I guess. I would think more of a bad batch or some weird contamination somewhere along the way though.

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I haven’t had that happen with this particular tea, and I’ve had some for over a year. I’m guessing contamination of some sort. “When it doubt, toss it out!” In all seriousness, I agree with @Angrboda – better be safe and dump it.

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Dapper Tea said

I had a fruit tea from Teavanna that molded because I accidentally left the lid off of the container, so I know that is possible, at least.

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