Cardamom Teas?

I love cardamom. It is one of my favorite flavors, but unfortunately I am not a huge fan of chai teas. Does anyone know of any really good teas that are heavy on cardamom but kind of low on other spices? Ideally I’m looking for a good black tea with cardamom and that’s it, but I have had a hard time finding this. If anyone has any recommendations I would be very grateful!

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Alphakitty said

I would suggest making your own! Cardamom pods are relatively common, so perhaps try popping a few into your steeper along with a black you really enjoy? Or with a flavored blend that would go well with it, like vanilla or lemon. I don’t think non-chai cardamom teas are too common, so it might be easier to just do it yourself.

I had never really thought about that before but it is a great idea! And a vanilla cardamom tea sounds delicious! Inspiration has struck!

Alphakitty said

Sometimes it really is easier to add stuff yourself! For example I really love cloves but you don’t often find clove-heavy blends, so I tend to just add a few whole ones to my steeper when I get a clove craving.

Ohhhh…. That sounds good too! I work in a tea room that has a clementine clove tea and it is very good, though I do think that a little extra clove would make it better.

Alphakitty said

My favorite mix is a rose congou with cloves, I think rose and cardamom would work well too!

Yes! Rose is one of my other favorites, and that sounds delicious!

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I adore numi cardamom pu erh personally. It comes in both loose leaf (from the site directly) and bagged.

That sounds delicious! I will definitely have to try that!

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Lynxiebrat said

Hmm Would have to try those out myself, as I like the taste of cardamom, but havn’t been to crazy about Chai.

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I’ve been thinking about making a cardamom blend or two. Hmm…

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Serenity said

I used to work for a family from India and they would make me chai every time I came (to teach one of the children) and one of my favorites was simply: tea, milk, sugar and cardamom. They’d often make a cup of tea for me with just one spice, such as star anise, or cardamom, and it was delicious. If you take milk in your tea, I suggest adding cardamom either chai style, or without milk, or just during brewing or even after; sometimes I just sprinkle on a bit of ground cardamom to my finished cup of tea.
I have also made green tea and steeped cardamom pods that I crushed a bit along with it. Yes, it is obvious by now that I love cardamom!

That sounds delicious!

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I recently was in a Turkish Shop in (of all places) Newark DE and bought a box of Ahmad brand Cardamom Tea. Ahmad is a well respected English tea seller and it was excellent. Best of all, as a “bonus” it came with a traditional, tulip shaped Turkish tea glass, which I now use all the time. I was tempted to also buy one of the two stacked kettles (çaydanlık) that Turks make their tea with, but at the last minute stopped myself. Anyway, I just checked and the same box and glass are being sold on Amazon (at more than I paid for it in that out of the way Turkish store) but still quite reasonable.

(Oops, I just realized that these are tea bags, while what I bought was loose tea. Don’t know if that makes a difference to you)

here is one link for the loose leaf option of what seems to be the same tea

Thanks! I have some Ahmed earl gray that I love! I would love to try their cardamom tea!

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I hate cardamom and chai tea’s in general but have been surprised by a few cardamom heavy tea’s. I would recommend Lemon Cardamom Chun Mee – 52 Teas. It’s fresh, light and very tasty enough to make cardamom hating me love it. :)

That sounds interesting. I’m not really into lemon teas, but lemon with cardamom sounds yummy!

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Sadaf Special Blend Tea with Cardamom is a tea I found here on steepster, but I have yet to try it personally. another I know of that I have not is Tetley Tea’s Elaichi (Cardamom)

That sound good as well!

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Fiddling said

Sadaf and Ahmad both make a good cardamom tea. I have both in my desk right now and the Sadaf smells more strongly of cardamom. You should be able to find both at any international grocery store which carries middle eastern goods for about the same price (roughly $10/lb).

The bagged version of Sadaf Special Blend with Cardamom is also pretty good.

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just found Newbys has a Cardamom.

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