ashmanra said

Advent Calendars

I got an email from Bird and Blend today about this year’s advent calendar. It will have two teas per day.

I have only done advent calendars twice – a David’s Tea one about six years that was a gift and Cuppageek last year. I absolutely loved seeing all the advent reviews and taking part! Plus the Pandemic has me feeling a little isolated at the moment and the thought of the advent reviews and the camaraderie of all the people drinking the same thing makes me smile!

If you could only buy one advent calendar, whose would you recommend?

Thanks much!


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Dustin said

Theodor’s advent is $$$, but also really impressive.

ashmanra said

I didn’t even think about them! I have had about ten of their teas and really love them, so that may be the way to go!

paprika said

My favorite one ever was the Theodor one I got back in 2019. They didn’t do one last year but I’m hoping that they come back this year. I’ve also really like Kusmi’s and Fortnum and Mason’s.

ashmanra said

You have the second vote for Theodor, so they must be really good! I will check out their calendar when the time comes! I have had several Kusmi teas and liked them, and only a few Fortnum and Mason but they were good, also. Now the wait begins for the advents to hit the websites!

I was thinking of trying Fortnum & Mason’s advent this year. I thought they used to have a nice wooden tea advent, but I’m only seeing the cardboard one on their website. Do they usually have a more deluxe version?

Courtney said

My partner and I picked up one of the caffeine free and one of the regular advents from B&B. We really enjoyed the B&B one last year. :)

We also grabbed an extra caffeine free one for her mom because she was so excited to try new teas with us – fun!

We also tried Dammann Frères last year (in February) and it was lovely as well.

ashmanra said

Oooh, I bet the DF one is fabulous!

Courtney said

We were really happy with it! There is a discussion from last year about advents that has a lot of neat ideas as well:

ashmanra said

Thank you, Courtney! I so seldom use the discussions section that it never occurred to me there might already be a thread, albeit last year’s. Lots of good info there, and I have already checked out every link. Ha ha!

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