maxwv2 said

Best Lapsang Souchong

Does anyone have suggestions as to the best lapsang souchong? I am a fan of the deep smoky flavor, but I am not sure from where to purchase it/or the characteristics of origin and, or, production that are best.
If anyone has any advice or guidance it would be much appreciated.
Thank you

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Haha! that was awesome

cuppaT said

Ha, ha! I think he actually calls it “lapdog shoesnog”, which makes it even funnier.

Uniquity said

Oh my, I love Stephen Fry! :)

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Out of the three Lapsangs I have (one from DAVIDs Tea, one from Silk Road [the Victoria BC company], and one from Murchie’s), the Murchie’s is my favourite. It’s definitely the boldest, and if I do a 10 second rinse on it, it still doesn’t lose flavour (it just removes the slightly dusty coating that some Lapsangs have).

The Silk Road version is too mild for my tastes, so I tend to grind it up and use it in rubs for cooking. The DAVIDs version is a great balance and I use it for blending with other teas. But the Murchie’s Lapsang Souchong Extra Choice gets the most use both for drinking and for using in marinades as it’s got the strongest, but most well-rounded flavour.

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ashmanra said

Lapsong Crocodile from Dammann Freres is good, Black Dragon from Upton is quite good, and for a less smokey but excellent tea I like Baker Street Afternoon Blend, also from Upton. Look at Hesper June’s reviews. She has a lot of Lapsang!

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merko said

My dad used to love this tea – but says it tastes different lately, and he doesn’t like it anymore. My step-mom agrees that it tastes different, & she also doesn’t like it anymore. ( tried from several different providers)! Has anybody else found this to be true?

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Dustin said

I just tried it for the first time the other day. It was from Tea Forte and I thought it was pretty good, but I have no other to compare it too.

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I drink it from Zen Tea….I haven’t tried a lot of it, but I love theirs. Curious on trying others in the future.

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