BYOT Los Angeles, CA

So I realized that inviting people to meet up at a convention would be impractical, but taking over a study room at a public library or library of a local college would be far more reasonable. Would anyone be interested in a BYOT (Bring Your Own Tea)?

I’m thinking that everyone brings a teapot, teacup, a few little bottles of water and at least enough of a tea for 2 pots. We could all taste and swap without the hassle of shipping. This way meet and greets can be as inexpensive and accessible as possible. Los Angeles, share your thoughts!

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ToiToi select said

I am interested, depends on time and day though! :)

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Sure, just depends on place, I’m in long beach but close to the train. Wonder if we can find a place and stealz their hot water. LOL, or I’ll bring my variable temp kettle!

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sculdy said

Sounds great! I can do a Sat or Sun afternoon later this month or in Feb.

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