Wow, Thanks, Teavana...

So, an interesting note. Like many, I bought a ton of tea during the Heavenly Sale at 75% off. In my hurried state, I entered my address slightly incorrect. I clicked Cancel immediately after hitting Confirm. So I placed a new order with the correct address and messaged them about cancelling the incorrect order.

They took care of the matter quickly, cancelled the charge on the first order, and it no longer showed up in my order history.

So yesterday I got my correct order as expected.

Then today out of nowhere I also received the cancelled order. The entire order, exactly the same as my last. I checked, I was never charged for it, it doesn’t show up in my order history, and I never received a shipping notice. Over two pounds of tea I was never charged for, they still sent out to me (and a customer service tin, which arrived separately.)

That’s one way to win me over after all of the customer service problems I’ve had before!

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Fiddling said

Awesome! I braved a Teavana store in a very busy, tourist-packed mall the day after Christmas because I couldn’t resist 75% off. I didn’t receive any free tea, but the girl at the register did ring up the one regular-priced tea I picked up at 75% off which I considered to be a small victory.

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