Looking for a Caramel Black Tea

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The Adagio Caramel is decent, if not great. Best with milk and sugar.

On a similar? note, the Caramel Brûlée from David’s is spot on.

Karys said

Going to try that next, but I’m very unimpressed with Davidstea tea so far, at least in terms of flavored blacks. They’re not resteepable, really, and I have to use so much more than is reccomended to get enough flavor.

the creme caramel and creme brulee teas from DAVIDs are both rooibos. Both are nice as far as flavour, and I think a lighter, sweeter black tea blends nicely with them. I personally prefer blending with ceylon, but you could use whatever you prefer.

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Stella select said

I haven’t tried Teaopia’s Caramelissimo, but I know Dilmah has nice caramel black tea.

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I blend a nice Ceylon with DAVIDs Tea’s Creme Caramel for a nice sweet cuppa.

Or I have a caramel flavoured syrup that I found in the coffee aisle of a grocery store, and it’s lovely added to a nice hearty breakfast blend

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yyz said

Hi Karys, I’m not sure if you found your perfect replacement yet, and I’m not sure if they will have it in stores again but Teavana has Caramelissimo back on their website and they offering free shipping today in Canada and the USA (March 14th)

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