Paint your own teaware!

I saw this today and was really inspired!!

I am going to go to my local thrift shop tomorrow to see if I can find some plain cups and saucers, and I have a plain green teapot that could use some jazzing up :) If you have a Dick Blick near you (I do!), they carry the marker and paints. Also you can get them online.

I have a hand painted teapot for one that I painted at a paint your own pottery place, and I LOVED making it, but the sitting and firing fees can get expensive. This seems much more affordable and I prefer doing things in my own home anyway :)

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Erin said

This would be a lot of fun, plus it would make for a nice gift. Too bad I’m a terrible artist, haha.

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AJ said

I have a mug that I painted at one of those pottery places for a birthday party some time as a kid. It’s… pretty bad. Mostly stencils and stamps. I wouldn’t mind trying it again, though. Except that I tend to give up pretty easily, or get frustrated. And when I get frustrated things get broken.

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This is so cool! I’ll definitely have to try it one day when I’m feeling artistically adventurous. Unfortunately, despite having majored in graphic design, I really have no artistic ability where illustration is concerned, lol. But the rough-looking designs on the ones pictured look so cute! I could probably swing something like that. :P

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