Cinnamon fig tea

I really like figs, and cinnamon. I was wondering where I could find such a blend. Black tea, of course. Preferably in samples.

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Huh. I was going to point you towards OvationTeas, because I thought they had something along those lines… but it looks like they’re closing their virtual doors.

I was going to suggest Ovation Teas when I saw this thread last night, but, before I replied, I went to their website to make sure I wasn’t going insane (I could swear that I had tried a tea from them that was cinnamon fig-ish) I noticed that they’re closing too. sob I will definitely miss them. I think it hits me especially hard because they’re kind of local. :(

Yeah, I always wanted them to open up a storefront so I could visit them. I really wonder how much Starbucks opening the Tazo store (which theoretically does similar things as Ovation’s custom blending) had to do with their decision to close. Very sad. The custom blending they did was far above and beyond anything else I’ve stumbled across.

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I would actually be interested in that too I love that combination of flavors.

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Karys said

Hmm, was going to suggest designatea but they don’t have fig. Teavana has a white tea where I find the prominent flavor is fig. Could always try blending that with a cinnamon tea?

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Serenity said

What about this?
I’ve never tried it but black tea with cinnamon and figs: YUM.

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I hope you find one and post. Or some tea blender reads this and makes one up. Then again I’d also go for a green tea with just fig and no cinnamon.

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Azzrian said

Thanks, the Art of Tea one sounds good.

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