Skysamurai said

Traveling Tea Box (TTB)

Who wants to do a TTB? Same rules as before! Maybe more now with Covid but still a box full of happiness.

Le Rules:
-Where shipping? Depends on where people want to ship to. If you prefer to only ship in the US or wherever you are please say so.
- How long? Preferably no more than a week. But I know that is also probably a week of being tea drunk so if you need more time just say so =]
-TEA & AROMA – Package your tea properly. If it’s a tea that will spoil other tea with it’s smell be sure to do more then a plastic bag.
- Spammers will be given tea swept off the factory floor along with the dust and anything else that falls into it. (True story actually. Look up Zealong history)
- Tea Labeling – Name & Company are a must. You are welcome to add anything else you wish.
- I love this tea – Sample everything. But if you take something be sure to replace it with something else.
- Old tea. This obviously depends because a 30-year-old pu er probably has too much value to be put in a TTB but if you have a tea you don’t fancy that has been around for 5 years it might be stale. You’re welcome to put it in but be aware… it may get composted.

This is a list of who is participating and not necessarily the order.
Skysamurai – MN started
Martin Bednář – Czech Republic – Received
Inkling – WI USA only – Received
Dustin – CA USA – Received
Shae – AL – Received
getanzt – Received
Kelmishka – Received
Tiffany :) – Received
Emilie – Received
Michelle – WY – Received
vallhallow – MN – Received
Kaylee – NY – Received
amandastory516 – CA – I HAZ IT!
Skysamurai – And me

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I’ll play! Ok to ship anywhere, as long its not too big or heavy.

Skysamurai said

It’s smallish at the moment. Maybe 11 inches in width and 6 in height? I originally started with a different box and then got excited about sharing and had to grab a slightly bigger box ^^;

Inkling said

I’m interested! Haven’t done one of these in ages. I’m in Wisconsin and would prefer not to ship outside the USA.

I’m game! I’m in Texas and I don’t mind shipping internationally.

AJRimmer said

Me too! I’m in New Mexico and would prefer just to ship to the US.

Dustin said

It’s been a while and I’d love to do one again. I’m in California and would prefer domestic shipping.

Count me in. Czech Republic. Don’t mind sending anywhere in the World.

Skysamurai said

Would you like to receive first?

It’s okay for me. As you wrote, the travelling period will be longest across the pond.

Skysamurai said

So I think we have enough people to get this one started for now. So excited!!!

This is the order I was thinking of but feel free to say hay or nay if you want to switch to a different place. Oh and make sure you are following everyone =]

On a side note, it’s great to see you all again. I know we all technically only know each other by our icon pics and names but it’s a sort of familiarity that still warms my heart.

I’ll be traveling in December, so could you drop me down the list after AJRimmer?

Hi, so I don’t see where you posted the order you’re referring to? All I see is the list of participants, which looks like it’s just in order of people signing up.

I think we should start it after the Advent period, as Advents tend to be hectic for everyone. For example, I won’t have that much time at all during December and I am glad having only one AC.

Dustin said

Cameron, the order list is in the updated original post.

Shae said

If it’s not too late, I’d love to join in! So sorry, I’ve been off Steepster for a few days and I don’t get the email alerts anymore for some reason. If you’ve already got enough, I’ll wait on the next one.

If there’s room for more, I live in Alabama and am good to ship within the US this time around. Also, and this may be a deal breaker, I would probably need more than a week with the box since I have to limit my caffeine and can’t drink as much tea as quickly as I’d probably like to. I’m good with being last (or toward the end), since I’ve also got the advent swap in December. But like I said, if I’m too late I’ll catch the next one! Either way, thanks for putting this all together. :)

Tiffany :) said

Is it too late for me to join in as well?? I live in Ohio, USA.

Inkling said

I agree; so fun to re-connect with everyone! I wouldn’t mind being later on the list, as I have a fun advent tea calendar to go through in December. ;) But if me going first works best, that’s also totally fine!

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