T-shirts for Tea Lovers!

Check out our t-shirts newly added to our website! They are made of 100% organic cotton and are perfect for tea lovers! We have both mens and ladies sizes, though ladies smalls and mediums are of very limited quantities.


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Azzrian said

Cool – thanks!

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Nice shirts but I’m confused. What makes the blue cup a “Black” tea tee shirt, the orange cup an “Ooolong” and the reddish brown cup an “Herbal” tea, tee shirt? (The herbal color looks to me like the color of a roasted Oolong).

Is there some kind of Tea Hanky Code no one’s told me about?

The teacup icon colors match the cup icons on our website and packaging. They are colors used for our branding, not necessarily what the tea leaf or brewed tea color is. For example, the orange cup icon is used for our oolongs on our website as well as on our oolong packaging.


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