darky said

phoenix honey orchid (dan cong)

i’m totally loving this dan cong in the last couple off weeks. does anyone know if there are other similar dan congs out there? preferable from european based shops?


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Teahabitat, the place to go for Dan Cong for the widest selection and expertise. Their Mi Lan Xiang Honey Orchid is what got me hooked on Dan Congs


Redblossom, also excellent. Very accessible, great website.


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I did not like dark oolongs until I met Mi Lan Xiang Dan Cong. I really love this one from Canton Teas:


They have a good variety of dan congs to choose from. UK based! I wish it wasn’t so pricy though! But I have to convert pounds to dollars. ugh!

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darky said

i have to convert pounds to euro aswel, cantontea is a place where i wanted to order before. But finding it pretty expensive in shipping (uk to belgium) and never ordered there because my usual tea site jingtea is cheaper in shipping :)

gonna have to bite the nail tough and order there in future because they got loads off puerth aswel

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