Best tea for Anxiety?

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Will said

Personally, I think tea is not the thing to look for with any kind of medical or psychological problem, whether it’s anxiety or something else.

While tea (and by tea, I mean actual tea, not tisanes / herbal infusions) may help with certain medical conditions, I think most of the links have not been well documented at this point. Drink tea because you enjoy it, and if there are some kind of medical benefits, so much the better.

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Hugs. When I’m having a rough time with anxiety I tend to gravitate towards my tisanes- especially spearmint for some reason.

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zazen5 said

Yerba Mate is a happy tea. So is Rooibos. Yerba mate leads to feelings of fun. Rooibos tends to change how you view stress which in a way helps you mentally adapt. And then there is black tea which is heating and with this increases aggression to fight stress and depression head on. Green tea is more cooling and causes a person to detach from the situation rather than confronting it head on. You may experiment with different teas to notice the subtle mental effects.

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I’m a bit surprised to not have seen Matcha mentioned yet ;-) Especially since matcha seems to have the perfect balance between caffeine and L-Theanine. In my 3 year of tea experience, I find matcha and gyokuro the best relaxing tea. Its effect include reducing beta wave activity in the brain, which allows to fully focus on relaxation instead of letting thoughts wander around and becoming anxious or nervous.

Maybe it’s common knowledge, but Matcha has been recognized for this effect 9 centuries ago by Japanese zen and Buddhist monks. A good cup of matcha and I personally don’t feel the need anymore to ponder or worry about stuff.

A while ago I read something about hyper nutrition by consuming L-Theanine rich tea being a natural way of relaxation. Perhaps it’s natures way of saying: “You’ve eaten nutrient rich food, now you can relax. You don’t have to think anymore about looking for food”.

The last time I’ve tried Valerian tea my body felt tired, making me a bit jittery haha.

So, what I’m describing is still relatively new and needs to be researched further, they have only started just recently it seems:

this has me thinking on a chamomile, mint lavender rose matcha blend…

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Kamyria said

Im sorry you’re going through difficult times…. If you like chamomile, it is wonderful for stress. And please be careful with St. John’s Wort if you’re on the birth control pill. It is said to reduce the pill’s effectiveness…

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