so i was wondering if i could get a tea that had st. johns wort, chamomille, valerian root and spearmint/peppermint all in it? if not I know valerian root and st johns wort comes in pills, could i add one pill to a cup of tea, as in let it steep with the rest of the tea?

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you could add the capsules into the tea, just check for contra-indications. I have used tea form for all herbs mentioned, save st johns wort.

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You may be better off purchasing the individual herbs and blending them yourself, that way you can make the proportions to your personal taste.

I wouldn’t try the pills in tea as they’re not full leaf, instead the capsules are filled with either powder or oil, neither of which would taste too great in tea.

Do a bit of research before blending though, to figure out what is safe and what is not as far as valerian and st john’s wort are concerned. I don’t think using them to belnd your own tea is anything to worry about, but I personally wouldn’t do it without gathering some information first. You can order both in dried leaf form online, or you may find them at your local health food/naturopathic store.

Edit: I just thought of something. What about looking into the Bach Flower Remedies? I think they have a st john’s wort and a valerian formula, and you could add a few drops of either (or both) into your tea to get the benefit of the herbs without a ton of added flavour, if you’re not super keen on the actual taste (I find the combination to be a bit medicinal, but that’s just me). I’m a HUGE fan of the Rescue Remedy and have a dropper bottle of it that i add to tea, and a spray bottle for on-the-go relief of anxiety. I give it to my horse too. Great stuff, pricey, but a bottle will last you a good while!

ohhh that website is awesome. I will have to keep in mind if I ever fall on hard times. Thanks!

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Uniquity said

Mother’s Little Helper from DavidsTea has mint, valerian and chamomile. I personally don’t like it as I don’t like chamomile but I know a number of people who swear by it. I don’t think they have any blends with St. John’s Wort anymore though as it interferes with birth control and I doubt people appreciated that.

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thank you everyone! upon further research, I decided that valerian root and st john is unnecessary, and I will stick with whatever chamomile based blends I can find. Like verdant teas chocolate chamomile sounds amazing, any thoughts on that one?

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Serenity said

I’ve heard good things about Dr Stuart’s herbal tea with valerian, if you reconsider the valerian ingredient. Passion flower is a very relaxing herb, too.

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Erin said

The chocolate chamomile from verdant is AWESOME. Also, I’m pretty sure valerian root comes in some kind of liquid form, which would be easier to use than the pills. My coworker is always taking it to mellow out but it tastes terrible haha.

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I’ve used Dr Stuart’s herbal tea with valerian, it does wonders to knock me out, but the valerian is very strong in it.

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