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I just backed the Gaia Handcrafted tea :-)

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AJ said

The last one interests me. It’s very… Russian.

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Backer #314. Thanks for posting about this…they sound intriguing!

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Mike admin said

Arghhh wish I hadn’t missed the Java Tea Project :(

Good find! Thanks for sharing.

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Lynxiebrat said

In the 1st video what store was that…with all the tea? Was that their store? (Gaia Tea)

I think it was Sun’s Organic Garden Tea in China Town in NYC.

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I was bored today and looking at kickstarter and saw these projects:

tempting, the shirts look cool!

Interesting. Though when I steep in a cup I cover my cup, and I wonder if that gives enough room for the tea to move?

The klip seems pretty cool. I use a gravity steeper but I guess it could be good to have when traveling…

Dustin said

Interesting idea, but how many people want to sip as they brew? My tea is usually too hot.

I backed the festival one :-)

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For those of you lamenting the end of the Java Tea kickstarter: http://shop.javateaco.com/

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Kickstarter for Dryad tea – to have new inspired blends released the same time as a celtic/folk album.


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I keep thinking I should do one of these to get our Southern Boy Teas into grocery stores everywhere. A Form/Fill/Seal machine would go a long way in speeding up our process and reducing our costs.

Go for it! I’m sure you’d get plenty of support from the likes of us :)

I approve of this idea.

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teastorks. fresh tea. delivered.


For all of you steepsters that live in the UK, I’m jealous!

I love their mug, super cute!

I am so jealous. I want this when it comes out but I don’t live in the UK..:’(

Katiek said

There are some options that are available for international backers, although they cost a bit more than the comparable UK one and you may get the tea in one shipment instead of multiple shipments.

Thank you. I am a college student who lives on her own and is unemployed as of this month. I wish I could afford it:/ thank you though

I just backed them! i figure ill have the money in a month when there kickstarter is finished! YAY!

They’re still pretty far below their goal for the time they have left :(. I contributed even though I’m in the US. I WANT that t-rex mug.

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