Thomas Sampson

Do any of you love Jackee Muntz or Caravan from Andrews and Dunham Damn Fine Teas, but are not so in love with Thomas Sampson? Well, I have a proposition for you! I have a tin of Jackee Muntz which I have used 4 teaspoons of, and a tin of Caravan which I have only opened and sniffed – the tea is untouched. I am so in love with Thomas that I am willing to swap your mostly full tin of Thomas Sampson for my Caravan or Jackee Muntz.

I am a woman obsessed by love :) What can I say! You can reply here, PM me if we follow each other, or email me at jmanni AT uarts DOT edu

THANK YOU for your consideration to my plight!

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Gander said

I wish Andrews & Dunham would sell bulk teas after the tins are sold out, because I know lots of people have been wanting to try more…

Ricky said

But then it wouldn’t be a limited edition ;)

Gander said

They could do after a certain period, I guess. You still have the limited tins, haha.

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Cofftea said

You sound like me begging for Mayan Chocolate Chai or a 52teas blend teahehe;) I can’t help you, but I hope you can find some.

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FYI – I had a taker for the Thomas Sampson/Caravan trade (YAAAYY!) but am still very much open to a Thomas Sampson/Jackee Muntz trade. If you are interested I’ll sweeten the deal with a few samples from my cupboard as well :)

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