7-Year Anniversary Sale

Steepster is where I began prior to the puerh days and I am quite thankful for everyone I met through here.
I was going to do a 5 year sale May 2020 but you can imagine why I didn’t so I am doing the 7 year sale now :)
I’m giving away tea with every order, neifeis added in randomly, and all kinds of madness.

Here’s what came out today:

Thanks for everyone who has been on this journey with me at any point in time!

3 Replies
mrmopar said

Camphor cake is a good one. Tiger Balm all the way. Both the 2011 XiaGuans are nice too.

looseTman said


It’s actually a raw puerh! It’s quite powerful stuff.

The camphor laochatou is not as intense as the raw camphor cake, but the LCT is quite enjoyable for people who don’t want to be punched in the face.

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