Anybody in Orlando area?

My sis is down there visiting my folks in Apopka, & hoping to pick up a Gaiwan somewhere. If there’s anyone living in the area that knows a place to get one, let me know!

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tperez said

I’m in Orlando! Finding a gaiwan here though… We have two tearoom/restaurant type places, but to my knowledge neither has gaiwans. You could call and check with Dandelion Community Tea and Infusion Tea Room.

Your best bet would probably be to check the shops around the “Vietnam Town” area around E. Colonial Drive and N Mills Avenue. There’s a store there called Dong A Asian Imports where I’ve gotten a tea set before, but I don’t remember if they had gaiwans. (I was just looking for a teapot)

Hope that helps! There aren’t really any super legit “tea houses” here though :$

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Thanks! They had already checked out those places, but at least we tried, right? :D

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