Making your Own Adagio blends

Has anyone else made their own Adagio blends? I’d love to see what other people have made! I’ve only made 6 so far but I keep thinking of more things I want to make.

what blends have you guys made?

My profile is here

I’d love to friend some Steepster people on Adagio!:)

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I’ve mainly done chai and Winter blends.

One of my favourites…

That looks good!

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Lazey said

It’s addictive. I’ve spent hours making different blends but haven’t had enough $$$ to buy any of them. Someone actually bought one of my blends though, and wish they’d post a review to know if it’s any good lol.

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tperez said

I’m there too! I was addicted for a while…

Most of my blends are based on the Elder Scrolls game series, because I’m a big fan and there didn’t seem to be any yet. I meant to get around to doing one for all of the races, but never got around to it. Also started a series of blends based on the Steins;Gate anime, but only got around to making one… I guess I’m not too good about finishing things :P

A few of my blends have sold one or two, but no reviews have been posted for mine either

Another Elder Scrolls fan?! Very cool! I’m adding to my list of Adagio sig blends to try! :)

tperez said

Haha, awesome, thanks!

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Matt said

I’ve made a few as well, though I haven’t tried most of them hahaha

They have been selling though, at least 2 a month so someone has to be enjoying them hahaha.

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momo said

I have blends based on amazing American Ryan Lochte. I call them Lochteas.
And they’re all out of stock. Get it together, Adagio

inguna said

This is so funny :)

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Adeline said

I’ve been enjoying the fandom teas trend, but have only made two of them public so far because I prefer to try them first:

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just started, thanks to this thread.

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I made these a while back and they have been selling every so often. I only need one more to sell to get enough points for free tea. Here is my link in case you are interested:

That link takes me back to my blends!

Okay, not sure how that happened but I fixed it. Thanks for letting me know and sorry about that!

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Cavocorax said

I know that you get points if people buy your tea – how much do you need to sell before you get enough to get free tea?

Isaila said

Well, you need 100 points to get a $10 gift card… I don’t know how much tea that is.

Kiaharii said

About 10 bags (10 points a bag that someone buys), but you get points for doing reviews and purchasing teas as well.

Cavocorax said


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I’ve done quite a few including Vampire Lemonade, Toasted Marshmallow, Liquid Candy Corn, Blackberry Mint Julep, Black Forest Bliss and Soldier Tea – and those are just the ones I can see from my desk. It’s a lot of fun!

I usually buy the samples first and blend at home to get the right mix, then dive in.

I’d love to friend fellow Adagio blend makers – I’ll buy yours if you buy mine! :)

Toasted Marshmallow:

Vampire Lemonade:

Liquid Candy Corn:

Blackberry Mint Julep:

Black Forest Bliss:

Soldier Tea (Thank You For Your Service):
*I donate $1 to Soldiers Angels for each pouch of Soldier Tea purchased. This is an act of charity separate from Adagio.

Yum! The marshmallow sounds delicious! As does your almond cookie one!

Kiaharii said

Putting some of these on my wishlist!

Black Forest and Vampire Lemonade sound fantastic!

If anyone wants samples, PM me. I have most of them in my cupboard and like to keep my stock fresh. And let me know about yours so I can try them too! :)

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