So I had outpatient surgery yesterday and life sucks. No caffeine, not even secondhand smoke (so I can’t hang out with my bestie History Laced) and I’m on all sorts of pain medication so I’m avoiding herbal teas. I had to sleep sitting up and kept my bf up all night from whimpering and wishing for lidocain or morphine because Vicodin sucks.

Anywho, this is actually tea related. I cant have any caffeine, but that intubation was very rough and my throat hates me. Anybody know a good caffeine-free soothing tea that I could get TODAY?

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Azzrian said

Aweee sorry girl. I hope you get better soon and that the surgery went without a hitch!
Maybe try some peppermint tea? Can you have that?

Oooh. I didn’t think of peppermiing tea, that sounds perfect! Surgery went very well, save for waking up swinging apparently. :P I’m just very uncomfortable.

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Claire said

Feel better soon! I like Traditional Medicinals Throat Coat tea for when I’m sick.

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Uniquity said

Peppermint, lemon or ginger are always my friend. Thoroughly does with honey if you can stand the sweetness. As always, beware potential interactions with medications. Feel better!

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So my boyfriend is making me a berry rooibos from Adiago Teas I got in my first swap. I am going to add some lemon and watch Hamlet til I pass out.

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candlelite said

Chrysanthemum is my favourite when I feel sick and need something soothing.

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